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Recruiting Innovation's Market Launch

Recruiting Innovation designed online technical courses for recruiters who want to learn how to talk tech. After bootstrapping the company for five years, its Founder, Alison Daley, wanted to start selling the program to enterprise clients. By working with NineTwoThree, the company could try different types of marketing campaigns while focusing on their core business.


Founded by Alison Daley, Recruiting Innovation provides specifically designed online technical courses for recruiters who want to learn how to talk tech. The business allows tech recruiters to bridge the communication gap in tech-related discussions with engineers. For the past five years, the company only sold licenses to recruiters. The company partnered with NineTwoThree to test an enterprise offering with a more traditional B2B sales and marketing approach.


Recruiting Innovation faced a critical challenge: to establish a firm foothold in the market through a strategic go-to-market plan. They required a comprehensive strategy that leveraged both inbound and outbound marketing efforts to test messaging and find holes in the product. This included targeted advertising on LinkedIn, an email nurture campaign, and a conference strategy to meet its prospects.

NineTwoThree planned and executed a detailed strategy that would attract prospects and fill the sales pipeline.


NineTwoThree acted as a strategic partner for Recruiting Innovation. Together, we crafted and executed a data-driven strategy that was built on three pillars:

Building the Right Team:

We helped Recruiting Innovation onboard talent who understood their business model and could craft messaging that was attractive to their core target audience.

Developing a Go-To-Market Strategy:

Through close collaboration, we developed a go-to-market strategy to attract and engage our target audience. Then, we executed the strategy across paid ads, email marketing, conferences, and cold calling. We supported the campaign with a range of sales materials including a pitch deck and an eBook.

Measuring Results:

We made sure to measure every aspect of the campaign so we could learn quickly and make changes as fast as possible. We optimized the website and tested messaging until we had a 4.7% conversion rate! The LinkedIn Ads campaign offered our eBook as a lead magnet. d We generated almost 80  leads at a $26 t cost per lead (CPL), giving a strong return on ad spend (ROAS).


Recruiting Innovation and NineTwoThree’s collaboration resulted in impressive results:
Audience Reach

Audience Reach:

A total of 77,000 impressions were achieved across the touch points, resulting in us reaching the target audience.
Effective messaging

Effective messaging:

Achieving a solid 4.7% website conversion rate highlights the success of the optimized campaign and messaging.
Strong lead generation

Strong lead generation:

317 leads were generated from the campaign, indicating significant interest and potential for conversion.
Increased pipeline

Increased pipeline:

the new campaign generated a pipeline valued at $343,400, highlighting business potential.
Revenue Growth

Revenue Growth:

a total of $86,800 was generated in sales. We also noted where the product fell short and needed more work to win the rest of the opportunities over.
“I feel very supported by the NineTwoThree team! They've optimized and accelerated my revenue engine while giving me more time to focus on my core business.”
— Alison Daley, CEO of Recruiting Innovation


NineTwoThree delivered a playbook and results for expanding Recruiting Innovation’s offering t an enterprise offering. Our go-to-market strategy and campaigns provided the company with successful tactics and places to optimize the product as they brought their marketing and sales teams in-house.

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