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Android App

ChartMogul helps teams measure, understand and grow their recurring revenue. NineTwoThree built the way for Android users to check their metrics and elevated user experience.

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Obtaining all of your metrics is fundamental to growing your business and to succeed in SaaS, you need to understand the trends behind those numbers. But generating and analyzing reports when all of your sources are scattered in a variety of places can be difficult and you can easily miss crucial information needed to level up your business.

ChartMogul allows you to simply import your billing data into one place to see what’s working, what’s not, and how to scale to the next level. NineTwoThree built a new experience for users on Android, as well as released a new way to login, to help ChartMogul expand their powerful platform to a larger audience.


New Way To Login
NineTwoThree assisted in implementing the new application login mechanism using a QR code.


Google Play Assistance
NineTwoThree helped construct the app in Google Play for release along with marketing material.


User Experience
After researching a few apps, ChartMogul decided to mimic the iPhone weather app to switch between accounts.


See Real-time Analytics
Keep your finger on the pulse
of your business


NineTwoThree was tasked to recreate their iOS App in Android. This is not as straightforward as it seems because of system-specific design differences, development complexity, and other factors.

Another issue that ChartMogul had was a login system that required users to input their API key - which has many characters. This complicated login system made it difficult to type or copy from computer to phone.

Automate the reporting of key subscription metrics

Quickly combine and enrich all of your subscription data to have a single source of truth for all your metrics - no more checking endless apps and dashboards. Get them straight from the app instead.

Grow recurring revenue faster with data-informed decisions

Analytics make it possible to uncover hidden insights and discover ways to optimize your business. Find ways to save costs, improve lead generation and spark new ideas for increasing revenue.

Full-stack auditing, transparency
and reliability

Easily drill down all parts of the data platform - get views on individual customer events, understand underlying datasets and get clarity on what is working versus what isn't.

Attain perfect accuracy with
data cleaning tools

With features that allow you to merge customers, connect subscriptions, MRR editing and more, ChartMogul for Android can help you to achieve perfect accuracy.



Providing a powerful service is not only about having the best features possible. Good UX/UI design is key in order to be able to catch and retain customers. Our Design team focused on the design and detail that was applicable to Android users and maintained the existing Chart Mogul feel and functionality. 


For a better user experience,

NineTwoThree worked with the ChartMogul team to build a QR Code scanner login system to easily add accounts instead of remembering secret keys and API's. We also added the “VC feature” that allowed people to login to multiple ChartMogul accounts from mobile.


Since 2014, ChartMogul has been the category-leading solution for extracting value from subscription data. They have helped teams measure, understand and grow their recurring revenue. With NineTwoThree, Chart Mogul was able to successfully expand their own customer base by capturing Android users and elevating user experience. You can learn more about ChartMogul by visiting their website here.