Building a great product is a journey, and you don’t have to do it alone. We’re experts at taking your big ideas and turning it into an intuitive & differentiated product.
We take you from concept to launch!

If above all else, the one thing we are is - fully transparent.

On the following pages, you will find details of the processes we have put into place to deliver world class mobile applications across the following industries:
Location Services
Machine Learning
Internet of Things
Startup Building

Building Great Products is a Journey

Deciding to build a digital product can be scary and you’ve got lots of questions. How should it work?What features do we actually need? How can we ensure product adoption?
Building a great product is a journey, and you don’t haveto do it alone. We’re experts at taking your big ideas and turning it into a intuitive & differentiated product.
And we have something special for you to offer, NineTwoThree 400 - Meter Sprint!

A Startup Approach
to Digital Products

We are entrepreneurs, and we treat your digital product as if it were our own startup. Our process is designed to uncover the biggest and scariest unknowns right away, so you can rest assured that your app will meet its business goals and make you money.
Learn: we learn everything we can about your market until we’re experts so every part of the product meets your business goals
Ideate: we love to brainstorm and generate ideas with you. On every call we bring insights to both business and technical challenges
Build: sit back and let us build you a flawless product. Our work is fully transparent, which means you will get regular updates
Launch: before we even begin development, we're already planning a go-to-market strategy with you to ensure product adoption.
Building a digital product is a journey

"The biggest difference marker is their knowledge. The team that supports and executes the implementation has vast knowledge and experience. Moreover, the founding staff is a treasure trove of insight, and everyone is incredibly strong at implementation."


It all starts with Discovery

As soon as you reach out to us, we begin working like we’re on your team. We become experts in your product and market so together we can define the problem you are trying to solve and cast a vision for the product.

What we do:

Exploratory calls to understand your unique market, needs and goals
Learn everything we can about your market in a matter of days and surface insights relevant to  development
Deep dive into any materials you provide us with
Assessment of technology deep dive: critical IP, tech stack, marketing stack

What you get:

Spreadsheet with list of technical requirements from our code audit
High-level list of user stories and development phases (MVP, Phase 1, Phase 2, etc)
Vision & Product Roadmap
Initial Proposal with Estimated Timeline & Ballpark Cost
At the end of Discovery, you will receive a clear and thorough proposal of expectations!

How We Learn About Your Project Goals


Discovery Call

We first set up a call to understand what type of product you are interested in building. We learn about how you plan to utilize the application to produce revenue and most importantly what the return on investment will be once you hire NineTwoThree. We love when our builds result in future free cash flow.

Industry Matching

Every customer is unique and we have learned many skills from building 50+ products. After an initial call, Andrew will attempt to bring in teammates that are experts in an industry or interested in doing a bit of engineering discovery. Sometimes we even write some applets to prove an idea is possible.

Meet the Team

The best results are accomplished by experienced teams who already worked together on multiple projects, failed and learned a lot. We challenge ideas and status quo. Each teammate is not only a world class specialized operator but also an independent thinker.

A human-centric product design and need-focused approach to business building sets us apart from Software Development Agencies of the past.

Specific Questions

Our goal is to earn your trust. However, Agencies are notorious for not performing - so we are up against that too. This is why we like to start with a fixed cost project and prove to you that we can deliver on time and on budget. To get to a fixed cost, we need to ask way more questions than our competitors so we can be sure we do not over estimate or over promise. We're getting pretty good at this.

Ballpark Proposal

We map out your entire project, deliverable by deliverable and tell you exactly when your product will launch. When we propose a budget, we are confident in our team performance and will ensure your project is delivered on time.

Next Steps, Design Sprint

Learn more about our Design Sprint