A customized app that allows festival organizers to design
and manage the experience their audience gets while attending performances.

Works great Offline:
Use the map, see the line-up, get reminders.

Locate your friends:
see the location of your Facebook friends at the festival grounds.

Dynamic map:
organizers can update the map in real-time. Visitors can find restrooms, food, charging stations and more.

Performer Line-Up & Schedule:
organizers can connect the visitors and performers.

Spotify Integration:
browse beautiful artist profiles and instantly play their top tracks.

Performance Reminders & Public Alerts:
organizers can send alerts and promote.



It's 2019 and we've discovered that only the very large festivals have
an App. Most festivals still heavily rely on paper. It's always a challenge when an alternative to your solution is a sheet of paper. Our design team was constantly asking themselves: "how can we not only do what the brochure does just as good but take it to another level, making the app more compelling for every persona involved. Let's deliver something that the paper-based system could never do".

After all, the paper works great with no internet. The brochure doesn't have a battery to run out of juice. This is why organizers are still doing this. It works.

We knew that festivals usually have really spotty connectivity and had
to nail down the design of features that would work offline and only then add features that count on internet connection.


After a few iterations, we have come up with the winning design and developed a brand new app that allows festival organizers to provide their audience with a better experience while attending the event.

Our final product does everything that the brochure does better and offline. And raises the above paper by actually connecting people one to another: organizers to the audience, performers to visitors, vendors to buyers and so on. 
We also succeeded to create a scalable product that doesn't have much friction. No need to log in, sign up, activate and so forth: just download and use right away. We made it easy to customize the app to fit different events and festivals with minimal effort - a white label product that feels completely custom made for every festival based on their needs, brand and preferences.


It was important for us to make this app convenient for feather customization for any festival, making the experience easy and convenient for both organizers and  their audience.


Festival-goers were really pleased to finally have the app that can function offline, is well designed, instantly familiar and simple to use. Line-up browser with show reminders and artist profiles have become instant hits. The ability to play the top tracks of the artist you've never heard before and the option to share a sample with your friends instantly without leaving the app was something that the audience applauded.

The organizers got a modern tool to better connect with the audience, get insights on the demographics and crowd behavior to improve the next year's event experience. Public announcements and promotions through the app have become a new avenue for the organizers.The performers got greater exposure. Their social media profiles
got more likes than ever thanks to the rich artist profiles. The Spotify integration was especially great for the emerging artists who got exposure to the new crowd before and after their show.