Fitbit For Your Brain

Neurable develops user-friendly neurotechnology tools that translate brainwaves into simple, actionable insights for everyday life. NineTwoThree developed a testing system and high-quality mobile app prototype for their smart headphones.


Neurable is a pioneer dedicated to transforming cutting-edge neurotechnology, from laboratory concepts into practical, user-friendly tools for everyday life. Among their innovative creations are intelligent headphones designed to enhance focus by tailoring to each user's unique needs. Equipped with sophisticated sensors, these headphones capture and analyze brain signals that provide a real-time assessment of an individual's concentration levels.

Neurable aspired to actualize their innovative concept and envisioned headphones seamlessly integrated with an app to cater to their users. In collaboration with their team, NineTwoThree meticulously laid the groundwork, refined ideas and identifed key features. Our team of specialists partnered closely with Neurable to outline the application and develop a high-quality prototype. Before delving into the prototype, we also developed a testing desktop system that enabled scientists to capture the participant’s brainwaves.


This project encompassed two primary components: developing a system to accurately detect brainwaves through a concentration assessment, and designing an engaging mobile app prototype to showcase the headphones.

The objective of the testing system was to devise a game layout that would enable scientists to distinguish between their users' focused and unfocused states. This precise brain signal data was subsequently utilized by the headphones to deliver accurate suggestions. The primary challenge in crafting the testing system centered around the design of the test itself. As the test took the form of a game for participants to play, it was crucial to develop a straightforward and intuitive layout, eliminating any potential friction that could compromise the results.

Another challenge involved devising a comprehensive strategy to integrate the headphone’s full product use cases into the mobile app prototype's design. Although Neurable possessed an exceptional idea and product, they were uncertain about its complete potential. Given the novelty of this product and the absence of competitors, they required support in pinpointing product-market fit.

App Animation

Animations within mobile apps greatly enhance user experience by providing visual feedback and boosting engagement. These dynamic elements not only help users understand the app's flow and functionality, but a  well-crafted animation can make a mobile app more appealing and entertaining, ultimately leading to higher user satisfaction and retention rates.


In developing the headphone testing system, we empathized with both the participant and the scientist by actively engaging in and observing the test game. From the participant's perspective, this involved designing an intuitive gaming experience. We considered various factors, from the game's visual appeal to the optimal finger positioning on the keyboard. By minimizing friction, we aimed to generate valuable results for the scientists. Simultaneously, we ensured that scientists had a user-friendly method for configuring the game for participants by researching various game setup systems. Ultimately, our efforts culminated in a game that was effortlessly manageable for  scientists and easy to play for participants.

Neurable conceptualized the headphones and had a broad vision for their practical application. We approached the project as if it were our own, leveraging our extensive experience in launching startups to identify diverse use cases that would ensure a genuine product-market fit.


Working in close partnership with the Neurable team, we fully immersed ourselves in the project as if it were our own startup, striving to unlock the product's maximum potential. Our most significant contribution involved designing the product's comprehensive functionality, enabling it to capture a broad segment of the market with their groundbreaking headphones. Drawing upon our entrepreneurial experience, we developed a mobile app prototype that truly resonated with the market.

By partnering with an experienced venture studio like NineTwoThree, Neurable was empowered to drive innovation and received a mobile app design that offers exceptional value to its users, ultimately resulting in a standout product.


To gain a better understanding of the application, we invite you to view the video below which provides a comprehensive demonstration of its features and functionalities.