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Custom web & mobile apps for your fast-growth company

We’ll work together to determine what you need. Then design, build & deliver your apps—quickly & iteratively.

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Experiencing any of these growing pains?

  • Lack the expertise to build & deliver apps that users needed—yesterday?
  • Wasting time doing manual activities instead of using software-automated tasks?
  • Making poor decisions using inaccurate & incomplete data?
  • Using outdated systems that no longer work for the business?
  • Stringing together multiple systems to do the work a single system should do?
  • Missing the start-up mentality needed to achieve results—right now?
Breathe. We’re here to help. From concept to completion.
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02. Problems
03. What You Get

Laundry Revolution

Hydrofinity is the biggest innovation in laundry since the washing machine. Our App and IoT platform help analyze and run the global operation.

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04. Case Study
05. Testimonial

“The openness and responsiveness of NineTwoThree team were excellent.

RICK HENESSY - Sr. Director of Xeros INC
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Engaging Online Gatherings

Altar Live has turned thousands of churches weekly live streams into events people want to come back to. We made a live event and weekly meeting platform that makes it easy to engage people.

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07. Testimonial

"NineTwoThree has a very entrepreneurial spirit."

Stephanie Leathe - CEO, Altar Live
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Smart Baby Monitor

Dorel has pioneered the segment with baby camera that sensed the heartbeat and breathing. We made an App that parents loved.

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08. Case Study
09. Testimonial

“NineTwoThree is quick to implement features and they seem to always be reachable and responsive to any of our needs.”

BHAVIN PATEL - Principal System Architect
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Never worry again how to build apps that win sales & improve lives

We made it easy to work with us. Get started today. Just a few simple steps.


Meet to learn more∙ Identify challenges & opportunities ∙ Provide ballpark timeline & budget


Get everyone’s input • Define overall architecture & tool sets • Build a prototype • Refine timelines & costs—all in a few weeks


Build on what we learned • Define dev sprints • Build, test & launch • Iterate, monitor & support


Deliver features people crave
• Increase efficiency & profits
• Earn revenues investors love

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10. Gest STarted

Big or small—startup mindset is required

Too much is at stake for companies regardless of size. Not getting it right? Not. An. Option. We’ve created several startups. Lean Startup is about learning & progressing—fast. How? (1) Start with a vision & build something fast & cheap to learn a lot in a hurry. (2) Measure & evaluate results to know what parts work & what parts don’t. (3) Do more of what works to keep moving forward (or discard the idea sooner than later). Together… we strategize, experiment, prove, build, test, deploy & iterate. So, you’ll be in a constant state of knowing. To get the biggest returns for your precious $$$. It’s worked for our businesses—and for our clients’ businesses. It’ll work for yours too.

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08. The Founders

Been there—done that

  • Delivered 40+ web & mobile apps
  • Millions of users for loads of apps
  • $100M+ made by clients from our apps
  • Top 10% fastest growing on Inc. 5000
  • 95% clients come back for more
  • A team of award winning designers & engineers
Breathe. We’re here to help. From concept to completion.
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From early stage startups to established organizations

So long as you’re open to moving & learning fast.
We’ll lead the way with a startup mentality.

12. Budget

We know what matters to you

Your Code

All final code transferred in full. Belongs to you. Any good developer can take over.

Your privacy

We’ll sign mutual NDAs before diving into any details.

Your team

Stay updated. Join any & all communication channels, project boards & calls with the team.

Why gamble another day with your fast-growing business?

“I’m overwhelmed with chaos & constant change in the market. Tired of hearing complaints by users about failing systems. And frustrated by not adding products users need now. I want an expert team that’s done this 100s of times. Who knows (vs. talks) ‘lean startup’. That can lead the way—start to finish.”

Couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Let’s make that happen.

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