Track your utility usage and estimated savings
via XConnect, our exclusive cloud-based IoT laundry management solution, on any web-enabled device. You can also monitor machine activity and status at any time, helping you avoid costly downtime and delays.

is a rebranding of Xeros designed to better reflect
the mission of sustainable water use and also a symbol
of the company’s redoubled efforts to bring its nylon polymer bead technology into the domestic side of laundry from its current B2B stronghold. HydroFinity is the name now given to operations
in the B2B commercial sector, Xeros remains as the brand charged with its attempts to break into laundry for domestic homes.

Efforts to bring this technology into the domestic space are not new -
it has been a company ambition for at least two years.
What is new is that the design has evolved for a smaller domestic-sized cabinet 85cm x 60cm x 60cm and this was shown at CES 2018 along with more viable cost projections than previous executions.