Firefighters rely on their turnout gear as their main source of protection when fighting a fire. Therefore, protective clothing must be kept in top condition in order to ensure firefighter performance and safety while on the job.
Marken PPE is proud to serve our nation's firefighters. As a fully registered independent service provider they are conducting the advanced cleaning, repair, sanitization, and decontamination of gear and personal protective equipment out of their base location in Las Vegas, Nevada.



Marken was looking to build mTrack, a PPE tracking software for both the fire department and Marken facilities. The goal was to replace the old system that was originally developed in 1997 in a strategic move to position Marken as an industry leader. The software had to support various stages of the business: decontaminations, inspection, washing, drying, repair, packaging and shipping. It had to integrate with barcode readers and bulk RFID scanners, enable reporting and forecasting for the billing team and provide transparency to customers and the management team.



All Marken facilities are now equipped with state-of-the-art technology and follow a documented ISO 9001 registered Quality Management System (QMS) governing every process of their operation. The software handles the entire processing of gear in and out of the facility, through various stations and stages. We have integrated it with the billing and shipping systems, RFID and barcode scanners and developed a robust reporting and forecasting solutions.