Strategy Builder

OnCenter helps business leaders make wise decisions with adaptive strategies. NineTwoThree developed the web application to visualize the strategies.

NineTwoThree Venture Studio, 2022


All companies need management tools that aid in seeing the big picture and achieving company goals and tasks. OnCenter is a strategy consultancy that brings design into the boardroom; specializing in improving planning, deep engagement, and effective execution.

OnCenter wanted to create a visual tool to help company leaders set clear goals long into the future, and coordinate efforts between departments to ultimately grow their business together. While there are similar tools on the market, they can have a steep learning curve or lack effective visual tools for presenting information.  

NineTwoThree has developed the Strategy Timeline web application that seamlessly organizes a company strategy and coordinates efforts between teams.



It’s important that a strategy tool helps to validate and verify that tasks are done in a logical order. For this to occur, we had to create an arrow system between the goal cards for users to see how everything connects. It was also important that users had the ability to see changes to the goal cards happen in real time to properly collaborate.  

The main challenge when creating these features was that there was no effective library solution that enables those connections, while also allowing the user the ability to move goal cards (and their connecting arrows) over the timeline.



We created a custom solution to ensure the arrow connections between the goal cards worked properly with minimum overlap for a better visual experience. Technologically, this was not a trivial task because of the system’s natural tendency to create excess overlap. The algorithm we made efficiently connects goal cards between each other in a clear way no matter how they are organized.Additionally, the application was developed to allow leaders to edit the connections and placement of the goal cards in real time. This meant that users could see other users that are editing the timeline move the goal cards without having to refresh the page. That type of real time collaboration produces efficient conversations in a remote-work setting or working meetings, because it makes it easy for people to see how goals are moved around relative to the other ones.



The Strategy Timeline planning tool developed by NineTwoThree provides a simple tool for leaders to effectively organize company goals and priorities. By providing a visual representation of objectives through time, the application allows leaders to produce effective flow-down to teams and communication to key company leaders. Ultimately, this ensures the company is taking aligned action and promotes understanding across business units. Learn more about how OnCenter helps businesses here.


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