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Dataflik helps real estate investors improve their business marketing operations. NineTwoThree built the machine learning model that generates prioritized lists of motivated sellers faster and more accurately than a human expert.

NineTwoThree Venture Studio, 2022


Right now, real estate wholesalers have to spend a great amount of time and money towards finding potential motivated sellers in residential real estate markets. Wholesalers have to research potential sellers for the purpose of generating a mailing list to send out hundreds to thousands of letters to find the right person that is willing to sell their property. These lists are often vast with a low conversion rate - the current systems in place are costly, demanding, and inefficient.

Dataflik provides a massive competitive advantage for real estate businesses by using AI-powered List Stacking and Predictive Modeling to focus marketing efforts on the owners that are most likely to sell and generate the highest return possible. NineTwoThree created a machine learning model that has the ability to generate a motivated sellers mailing list that is focused and has a higher degree of confidence as compared to traditional methods.


Dataflik had to provide a large amount of data to create an effective machine learning model. The real estate data needed to achieve the desired goal is extremely expensive. We had to prove that our proposed model will achieve its goal of generating an effective motivated sellers mailing list - without developing the full model - to justify the purchase of such data.Processing the data was another challenge, because producing fast results is technologically complicated and demanding due to the sheer volume and breadth of the data we received. It consists of millions of properties across the US and each individual property has about 1,700 data points. We had  to find a way to efficiently process the data in a timely manner to produce a working baseline.


We created a mini model that proved we were capable of achieving the desired goal in order to de-risk the expensive data purchase for Dataflik. To do this, we used a sample data set that we requested directly from the vendors and asked them questions to ensure the data was valuable.

There was no way of processing the vast amount of data we received fast enough with just one computer. As an AWS certified partner, we used Glue and Spark by AWS to process the volume of information we had in a timely manner. We then interviewed a human expert in real estate to help identify the most powerful data points to produce a working baseline model. This step is crucial because it produces high quality results quickly and efficiently that could otherwise take data scientists months.


Dataflik is revolutionizing real estate investment business marketing operations. NineTwoThree successfully created a machine learning model that generates prioritized lists of motivated sellers faster and more accurately than a human expert. This offers a tremendous advantage by lowering marketing costs with better targeting that allows them to close more deals. We are currently working with Dataflik to continue to provide the best for their customers.

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“The real estate market becomes more competitive and saturated every day, squeezing margins each year. DataFlik's product performs better each month with our proprietary algorithm driven by our AI and machine learning technology. The system continuously adapts to target the owners most likely to sell as the market changes in real time.”