Inigo is the 1st Digital Venture of NineTwoThree. Founded in 2012 by Andrew and Pavel, Inigo became the leading American Digital Business Card app with over 600,000 downloads.

Inigo was Aquired in 2017 by Royaltie.

Orgin Story

Orgin Story

On March 13th, 2013, in Boston Massachusetts, in the Microsoft Nerd Center, engineers and entrepreneurs gathered to listen to a mundane talk about other startups and how they are destined to success. While pizza and beer flowed outside the presentations a 27-year-old Nuclear Engineer was walking around the room handing out "Developer Wanted" pamphlets.

Attending the event that night was the systems engineering genius who was currently building the data integration engine for companies like Home Depot, Woolworths, Abercrombie and Fitch and others. Pavel Kirillov had just moved from Israel with his wife to be part of one of the fastest growing companies in Boston - Profitect. After trying to build five startups with friends and colleagues Pavel was ready to try one in America - the land of opportunity.


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Inigo was born from the idea of transferring contact information between two people. At the time of launch, Bump had just been shut down leaving an opportunity for a successor. After a few months Andrew and Pavel decided to look into QR codes which were not being used by any competitors at the time.

The killer feature demoed incredibly well as one phone would capture a QR code from the other and transfer contract information at the same time - while the app searched the internet to complete the profile information. Within seconds, two people had multiple ways to contact each other without needing to type.



There is no way to know for sure, but if you use Linkedin today the top right button will lead you to a way to share your Linkedin profile. The following screens is exactly what Inigo was. Did we influence this? We will never know - but building a product from 0 - 1 allowed us to find a team. Even though the product was acquired in 2017 - the team that built Inigo lives on as NineTwoThree. We wouldn't have wanted anything different.