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Eazigo makes it easy to discover new destinations, create custom itineraries, and share your travel experiences with your friends and family. NineTwoThree Venture Studio built their iOS app to make traveling easier than ever before.
NineTwoThree Venture Studio, 2023
Eazigo is an iPhone-exclusive travel itinerary app for planning and managing group trips with friends and family. Users can create daily agendas with activities, notes, and more, then share them with the group. Additionally, they can browse pre-existing itineraries shared by others, making Eazigo an ideal tool for hassle-free trip planning and management.

The Eazigo founder sought our startup expertise and extensive network to develop his mobile app concept. Our skilled team collaborated with the client from the app's foundation to its launch, creating a unique and competitive iOS travel app. We used our network to strengthen Eazigo's business connections and model, while also designing a complementary website to enhance online visibility.

Your next vacation is just a few taps away.

Eazigo is designed with the modern traveler in mind,
making it the ultimate tool for wanderlust souls.
Customize image, add name & description of your trip
Link flights
Add accommodations
Set duration of upcoming trip
Choose destination point
Add friends who will share this journey with you
Selecting the appropriate monetization strategy is a critical challenge when developing a mobile application, as it significantly impacts the app's success. Each strategy has advantages and drawbacks, making it difficult to identify the best approach for a specific app and target audience. In the travel industry, where users have diverse needs, it's vital to choose a monetization strategy that aligns with user expectations and maximizes revenue potential.

Designing a UX/UI for a travel app that stands out in a saturated market and promotes user acquisition and retention is another challenge. New travel apps face intense competition, impacting revenue generation and market presence. A seamless user experience is vital; the app should be user-friendly, visually appealing, and provide all essential tools for successful trip planning. However, securing user adoption remains a significant hurdle for new travel apps, as attracting users to download and engage with the app demands a unique value proposition.
To gain a better understanding of the application, view the video below which provides a comprehensive demonstration of its features and functionalities.
NineTwoThree helped Eazigo address the challenge of selecting an effective monetization strategy by leveraging its extensive network to connect the founder with exclusive networking opportunities. This led to valuable partnerships, such as with, which broadened Eazigo's customer base and increased revenue through commissions on travel-related bookings. This affiliation provided a reliable revenue stream, enhanced Eazigo's reputation, and helped them overcome initial challenges to establish themselves as a credible player in the travel industry.

To tackle the challenge in developing a UX/UI for travel-related mobile apps, our team conducted comprehensive research on competitor apps, identifying gaps and opportunities. We designed an app incorporating familiar elements and addressing unmet needs. Collaborating with the client, we ensured every design element served a specific purpose, focusing on essential features to make the app attractive and effective. This strategic approach enabled us to create a standout travel app capable of attracting and retaining users.
Eazigo has the potential to disrupt the travel market by offering a unique value proposition tailored to modern travelers who seek personalized and collaborative trip-planning solutions. NineTwoThree provided a new monetization strategy for Eazigo, demonstrating one of the key advantages of partnering with a venture studio like ours: access to an extensive network of industry experts, mentors, advisors, investors, and potential customers. This network assists founders in overcoming initial challenges faced by early-stage ventures, such as fundraising, talent acquisition, and customer acquisition.

By capitalizing on the venture studio's network, founders can benefit from the expertise and knowledge of seasoned professionals who guide them through launching and scaling their businesses. Additionally, they gain access to exclusive events and conferences, facilitating networking opportunities with fellow entrepreneurs, potential customers, and partners.
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