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Nara Baby tracker helps parents track babies activities. Nara was searching for an engineering team to help implement new features that will support their massive user base and put them on a path to subscription revenue.


The Nara Baby Tracker is designed to help parents log and track their babies’ activities and milestones including sleep, breastfeeding, formula feeding, and diaper changes. By cataloging these activities on a calendar, Nara provides a visual progress report of a baby's routine and insights into their development. With 10,000 users on the app every thirty minutes, Nara wanted to release more valuable features that would put it on a path to start charging subscriptions.


The project presented a couple of challenges NineTwoThree has never experienced. This was our first time developing a cross-platform application using react native for Android, iPhone, and Apple Watch. Additionally, we needed to release features without disrupting the existing app. The stakes were high in ensuring the app remained stable and responsive for all users all the time.


The NineTwoThree team relied on our culture of transparency and continuous learning to help Nara.
Cross-Platform Development

Cross-Platform Development:

For the last 12 years we have migrated from native to hybrid and lunched numeours apps. Our engineers have the ability to learn from others on the team to understand the strengths of cross platform applications
Release Schedules

Release Schedules:

We established a release schedule with the Nara team so we could collaborate and fix any release issues right away. Our team also participated directly in Nara’s support portal to quickly resolve any problems users found. By taking a more active role before and after the release, our team was able to ensure a seamless user experience at any given time.


NineTwoThree has essentially become Nara’s outsourced engineering team. We’re introducing new features like a pump timer, combo feeding, and the ability to compare children's milestones, to improve functionality and increase user retention. Our team can rapidly implement designs from their team and has also helped them better track their marketing campaigns. This partnership showcases our ability to work at scale for cross-platform mobile apps.

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