Your Family’s Investments, Visualized in One Place.

StockMarketEye portfolio tracker allows you to ditch time-consuming spreadsheets, keep your eye on all your investments, & stay on top of the markets. NineTwoThree Venture Studio stabilized their desktop app, rebuilt their iOS and Android apps and overhauled the entire UI/UX to position this well-loved product for growth.


Launched in 2008, StockMarketEye is a powerful yet easy to use stock portfolio tracking tool with a loyal and devoted customer base. Instead of using time-consuming spreadsheets, the app allows you to visualize all of your investments in one place, including all of your family’s accounts.

StockMarketEye was acquired in 2022, and the new management hired NineTwoThree to conduct a thorough audit of the code in order to clearly grasp the level of effort required to stabilize, modernize and scale it. Our team is well-seasoned in looking under the hood and flipping outdated, but high potential apps, into stable products positioned for growth.


StockMarketEye came to us under new management and in desperate need of an architecture overhaul. Developed by a single developer for over 13 years, our first challenge was standardizing the code to enable any developer to be able to not only maintain the app, but resolve bugs and add new features exponentially more efficiently.

While the early 2000’s look and feel of the product design was nostalgic to the older user base of StockMarketEye, our second challenge was modernizing the UI/UX to attract new user demographics, without losing the much-loved familiarity of the app that was a keystone feature for existing users.

Lastly, in order to position the product competitively, the new StockMarketEye owner’s needed to not only assess new feature ideas, but prioritize both a short term and long term roadmap flexible enough to allow them to test quickly and iterate as needed. Additionally, the mobile companion apps for iOS and Android had become unusable and needed to be rebuilt from scratch.
To gain a better understanding of the application, view the video below which provides a comprehensive demonstration of its features and functionalities.


NineTwoThree's product innovation team first conducted 30+ interviews and surveyed 100 users to understand product usage, pain points, and feature requests. Engineers also examined the code in-depth to identify issues.

In phase two we began development, stabilized the code, fixed bugs, and prepared the app for new features and scaling. The third phase involved a UI/UX redesign, strategic feature implementation, and mobile app reconstruction. Designers modernized the app while retaining its familiar format, added informative error messages to reduce user frustration, onboarding screens to improve conversion rates, and streamlined user workflows.

We reduced StockMarketEye's outage vulnerability by re-architecting quote data retrieval, rebuilding real-time cloud sync, and expanding alert functionality. The iOS and Android apps were rebuilt as companions, enabling portfolio access on the go without overdeveloping mobile features until business demand justifies further investment.
What we did?

What did we do for StockMarketEye?



Fixed annoying UI bugs
Softened the components to make the app friendlier
Added informative error messages to create a helpful feedback loop for users
Consolidated steps in the workflow to reduce unnecessary work

Mobile (iOS & Android)

Rebuilt the entire mobile app
Added onboarding screens to the app to orient the user to functionality


Designed and built a brand new website


This well-loved tool needed a major overhaul to give loyal users long-sought improvements and position the product for growth. NineTwoThree helped the StockMarketEye team not only understand the intricacies of the product they had purchased, but also helped create a development roadmap informed by user research. StockMarketEye has been able to strategically invest in the product and grow subscriptions, without disrupting the existing user base. Click here to learn more about SME.

Collaborating with NineTwoThree ensures a partnership with a team dedicated to working alongside you, strategically allocating your investment for maximum impact while avoiding overdevelopment.
Get a glance at how the app was designed without having to download it by clicking “view prototype”.
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We turned apps built in 2008 into a modern tool equipped for 2023.

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Examples of Before/After for Desktop


Examples of Before/After for Mobile


UI Guide

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