ECMS performs ensemble care and maintenance for emergency responders
from six operational centers strategically located throughout the West of the US.
NineTwoThree was tasked to create an efficient and flexible Enterprise platform
that would be easy to use, meet and exceed the record keeping requirements
of NFPA 1851 Federal standard, and support the fast paced needs of the business servicing our first responders.

Process Mapping

During our foundational Design & Roadmap phase we've identified the flow of processing
the shipments coming in from the Fire Departments for full service and mapped
the necessary steps the Fire Department Admins take to ship gear to ECMS.

Our team has crafter a clickable prototype of a modular Enterprise system ready to increase efficiency, reduce operating costs, give the company
a significant competitive advantage, allow both the company and customers to use the system and deliver valuable information to all users.

ECMS is a verified Independent Service Provider specializing in the inspection, cleaning and repair of Personal Protective Equipment.