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How DoiT International Boosted Sales with HubSpot

DoiT International, a cloud computing consulting firm, closed a $100 million Series A round in 2019 to launch a SaaS solution based on its consulting services. The company only had field marketing at the time and needed a strategy to quickly grow its marketing powers. With NineTwoThree, DoiT was able to fully rehaul its HubSpot instance, create branded templates and procedures for campaigns, measure its KPIs across its team, and launch its SaaS app which brought in $1 million in its first 30 days.


Doit was well known for its cloud consulting services, especially for Google Cloud. Upon receiving the funding, they needed to expand their field marketing and sales teams to a global marketing team. Since the company never had marketing leadership before, their new Chief Marketing Officer had an audacious goal in showing the leadership team how marketing could effectively attract customers.

Unfortunately, she faced a hurdle – she didn't have a team to help launch this big marketing project. She wanted to start a full-scale marketing campaign as soon as possible, but hiring an in-house marketing team was taking longer than anticipated.

This is where NineTwoThree came in.


Before DoiT could even think about launching new campaigns, it needed to put guardrails into the system so marketing could understand its database. With 100,000 contacts currently in the database and over 3,000+ being added every day by the sales team, no one could pull a simple list of customers without logging into the developers’ admin portal. Campaigns were being launched without KPIs, and no one could point to specific instances of success from the marketing team. With NineTwoThree, DoiT was struggling with the following:

Expertise-Driven Hiring:

The search was on for a rare gem—a marketing expert who was not only savvy with HubSpot but also deeply knowledgeable about cloud technology. This strategist’s role was critical in bridging the gap between DoiT's technical offerings and marketing strategies.

Brand Alignment:

DoiT encountered obstacles in maintaining consistency across its digital presence, leading to a fragmented brand identity that hindered brand recognition.

Marketing/Sales Alignment

The company struggled with tracking interactions within their database, an essential for crafting personalized marketing and sales campaigns. The company needed a strategy that addressed these tracking challenges and had a clear separation of when contacts would be passed to Sales.

No Single Source of Truth

In response to these challenges, DoiT and NineTwoThree were determined to create a marketing framework that was agile, responsive, and capable of tracking the success of its free trial initiative. All this while reinforcing DoiT’s brand identity across multiple digital platforms. This strategic alignment was key for optimizing customer engagement and achieving rapid, measurable results from their marketing campaigns.


Working closely with NineTwoThree, DoiT crafted a comprehensive strategy to track marketing campaigns from initial impressions to customer conversion. They integrated and managed systems within HubSpot for detailed tracking and optimization.

Gap Analysis

The first step involved identifying key missing elements in DoiT’s marketing approach. A critical gap was discovered in the tracking of contacts within their database, a vital component for successful marketing.

Comprehensive Strategy Formulation

In partnership with NineTwoThree, a tailored strategy was crafted. This plan focused on establishing and utilizing systems to track marketing campaigns from initial impressions to customer conversion.


NineTwoThree's role included the integration and management of these systems within HubSpot, incorporating analytics for campaign effectiveness assessment. This setup allowed for detailed tracking and optimization of every marketing effort, ensuring they were in line with DoiT's specific market needs and customer engagement goals.


We conducted extensive training for the entire team on using HubSpot. We developed detailed documentation on launching advertising campaigns, webinars, email campaigns, and events for the team.


NineTwoThree refined their database to clearly identify engagement points within the sales funnel, allowing precise targeting and attribution of revenue and opportunities. The introduction of a Product-Led Growth (PLG) app was a strategic move to boost sales processes.

The team's proficiency with HubSpot significantly improved, enhancing their marketing tactics.
HubSpot Templates
Brand-Centric HubSpot Templates
Custom HubSpot templates aligned with the brand identity, maintaining consistency across all platforms.
Understanding Contacts
Understanding Contacts
Detailed reports were implemented to gain insights into the origins and interactions of contacts in their database.
HubSpot Campaign Mastery
HubSpot Campaign Mastery
Contacts from diverse channels were streamlined into HubSpot, enabling standardized and effective tracking of campaigns.
PLG Launch – A Milestone Achievement
PLG Launch – A Milestone Achievement
The SaaS product launch was meticulously coordinated, contributing to initial revenue success.
Empowering the Team
Empowering the Team
The team's proficiency with HubSpot was enhanced through training sessions and resource materials.

Client Perspective

As Matt McKeon, the Head of Global Digital Marketing at DoiT International, puts it, “NineTwoThree’s expertise in HubSpot was a game-changer for us.”
Matt McKeon
As Matt McKeon, the Head of Global Digital Marketing at DoiT International, puts it.

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