Altar Live

How we helped build the collaborative presentation software
for modern teams.
Invent, Design, and Build
iOS, Android, and Web

Altar Live is an engaging live stream platform for online worship & community.
It allows you to join an event or meeting as a member or guest. You can watch the live stream, see who else is watching online, then join and talk with others in private video conference sessions.


About Altar Live App

Altar Live is a streaming and video conferencing technology built specifically for hybrid
ministry to increase community engagement. With tools for church leaders to easily present and members
to fully participate from home or in-person, the Altar Live solution provides religious communities
one platform for all their virtual needs.

Invent, Design, and Build
iOS, Android, and Web
iOS, Android, and Web


As the disruption of COVID-19 caused churches and faith communities to move online, leaders struggled to transfer the church community experience to this new medium. Many found the technical requirements of streaming a sermon for a large group difficult and overly complicated. Those that managed to set up
a live stream or video conferencing solution still missed the personal engagements between members that was a key part of bringing the community together.

Using her background in Christian higher education and entrepreneurship, Stephanie reached out to pastors, priests, and faith leaders to discuss the unique problems they faced during these challenging times.


Stephanie worked with us as part of our internally funded ventures so 923 Digital could support a passionate founder serving an important industry. We built a worship platform that allows churches to manage sermons and events through a single tablet or computer. The solution has all the functionality built in to allow church leaders to easily share slides, manage multiple presenters, chat with attendees, and engage with their community.

The most important feature is the online engagement platform, which allows the church to create breakout rooms and lobbies before and after the sermon.


Organically mix and mingle

Altar Live allows online participants
to move freely between tables. Users can easily talk and see one another, with their video camera on or off.

   • Move between tables in the lobby
   • See who else is online


Easily Connect
Your Content

To run an event in Altar Live, you need to connect a video feed from another source. Altar Live will automatically fit it to the Altar Live iframe.

   • Move between tables in the lobby
   • See who else is online


Facilitating personal discussions around their events brought back the community engagement churches had missed since moving online. These communities are brought back together with the tools necessary to make it through COVID
with faith.

Altar Live works on Web, Android and IOS. Our combined experience allowed us to build exceptional and creative technology, with a customer-centric focus.