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Right people make ALL the difference

We are a small firm. We like it this way. Our true passion and ambition is to continue launching and growing delightful digital products and services we can be proud of. We stand for quality over quantity. We encourage personal development and professional excellence. Together we get involved, do meaningful work, accept challenges and welcome original ideas.

Founded by Engineers

NineTwoThree teams are busy solving non-trivial problems. Engineering Mindset helps us to decompose complex systems to small bits and pieces and attack issues from different angles while embracing diversity of opinion.

Growing Businesses

Building digital products and services is more than implementing features and writing good code. Most value is generated when we find gaps in the market and build a profitable business in the niche.

Decentralized Execution

We were a Remote First company from day one. Our process aims to empower our teams to work with high degree of autonomy while being fully aligned on the same goal, clear targets, best practices and expectations.

OuR Principles

What we believe and preach

There are three shared principles at NineTwoThree that allow us to deliver consistently exceptional results with breathtaking efficiency.

Taking Ownership

We nurture the sense of extreme ownership in all our teammates

Continuous Improvement

We save time for what matters and always ask ourselves what might be done better.

Idea Meritocracy

Best idea wins no matter who came up with it. Best contributors are best rewarded.

Autonomy and Independence

In teammates we trust

We hire really smart people and treat them as adults. We believe that driven and motivated people are interested in doing the best possible work. Growing multiple Digital Ventures at the same time requires every team to run it as it’s own company.

Grow and Expand

It’s more than your job title

NineTwoThree employees are not limited to performing just the things in their job description. We encourage you to get out of your comfort zone and grown into area your curiosity takes you to. Talented people are usually talented in many areas.

“NineTwoThree has a very entrepreneurial spirit. We are driven to not just build a product, but to build a product that fulfills our customers’ needs."

Stephanie Leathe
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"I love my job because we have lots of different projects and it is a good place for personal development. NineTwoThree gives me an opportunity to improve solving technical and business challenges."

Denis Stetskov
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"NineTwoThree is built by people who are passionate about technology and digital ventures while bringing their unique style and make us all better every day."

Tetiana Kovalyova
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Idea Meritocracy

Best ideas win - not titles

We encourage the free flow of ideas to create and environment conductive to innovation. Best contributors get best rewards. We avoid political decisions, popularity contests and other high-school nonsense.

Continuous Learning

Smarter Every Day

Our field of work requires to continue learning new things and getting exposed to new ideas, approaches and solutions all the time. We encourage our teammates to visit conferences, take courses and read books to keep an edge NineTwoThree has over it's competition.

Open Positions
Do you have what it takes?

Join the team of independent thinkers passionate about business, design and engineering.

Tel Aviv
Higher Purpose

We're playing the long game

We build businesses to help and delight people and communities around us. When partnering with others we carefully select companies that aim to do good for this world and understand that to get good outcomes, working with world class team of professionals is a necessity.

Perks and Benifits

We invest in our people

Our success depends on your success. We build our partnerships upon trust and maintain highest standards to amazing results doing the work to be proud of.

Perk 1 - Fully Remote

You might work from any place around the world with great atmosphere within the international team.

  • Work from home with no traffic.
  • Flexible working hours.
  • Work-life harmony.
  • Creative, reliable and clever team that you can learn a lot from.
Perk 2 - Tools and Hardware

We provide you the tools and hardware upon business needs to make your work efficient.

  • Boards
  • Slack, Google Meet
  • BitBucket, VSCode, AWS
  • Figma for UI/UX
  • TestPad for QA work
Perk 3 - Full Transparency

Each team member knows that we are open to any questions and are ready to help when it is needed.

  • Internal chats in Slack
  • Daily meetings
  • One-on-One meetings with HR
Perk 4 - Continues education

We encourage educational courses, conferences and learning materials.

  • Financial support attending courses and conferences.
  • Unlimited access to the
  • Library of books.