Most people who make videos know how painstakingly long it takes from start to finish. Videosnap’s mission is to reduce the time marketers, editors, and business owners spend on creating videos by automating that process as much as possible. Video creators can easily snap together a short video in a matter of minutes so they can spend more time on what matters most - closing sales.


We partnered with Upside Builders
to create the SaaS product from the ground up

Upside Builders combined their sales and marketing experience with our technological expertise to build Videosnap. Because the app's goal was to create the easiest and fastest video creation experience, the main challenge was reducing the time a user spends on each video as much as possible.


We suggest quick and easy way to create videos

Typically, users have to transcribe their own audio, find different videos/graphics across the internet to match the video, align it all themselves, and wait for a lengthy rendering process in order to create the video. This is a cumbersome process. Many businesses hire others to create videos for them and those who cannot have to glue themselves to a screen for hours.

After a few iterations, the team came up with the winning algorithm and developed a brand-new app that gives users a quick and easy way to create videos. Videosnap automates almost every step of the video creation process. There is no need to transcribe your own audio, add videos/graphics, and align it all together. Unlike many other similar applications that take hours to render a video, Videosnap will render it in about ten to twenty minutes.

how it works

Create awesome videos in just 3 steps

Creating engaging videos for your business and social media has never been easier! Record the speech and upload the audio file. Don’t worry, Videosnap will do the rest for you.

Upload audio
Paste text, if necessary
Let Videosnap make some magic!
step 1

Upload audio

Creating engaging videos for your business and social media has never been easier. Record the speech and upload this audio file. Don’t worry Videosnap will make all the rest itself

step 2

Paste text

Videosnap automatically creates the transcription of the audio file that was previously uploaded. Need any changes in text or slides amount?
Make these changes and start generating your video

step 3

Generate video

That’s what we call “magic”. Videosnap automatically finds the appropriate graphics in Pexels to fit your slides. You can also manually adjust slides to the audio or change graphics if need be. Make final edits and download your final video!


Feel free in your creativity. Experiment with graphics!

Pexels is a free stock photo and video website and app that helps designers, bloggers, and everyone who is looking for visuals to find great photos and videos that can be used for free

New way to generate content quickly

Although traditionally time-consuming to create, videos are one of the best ways to help buyers make a purchasing decision. Marketers, editors, and business owners were really pleased to have an app that freed their time to focus on other parts of their business. Videosnap provided an excellent way for them to quickly generate a lot of content and test what type of videos worked best for their business.

For sure this is the most smooth build process that I've been a part of!
Dan Cumberland

Co-founder & CEO, Upside Builders

We were working with NineTwoThree to build a new video software project.