Treatment Protocols for Medical Staff

Edwards Lifesciences is a leading global provider of innovative medical solutions. NineTwoThree crafted an app to help medical staff elevate the standard of care and create better and more predictable outcomes for patients.


Edwards Lifesciences caters to patients with structural heart disease, critical care, and surgical monitoring needs. The company collaborates with top-notch clinicians and researchers worldwide to develop effective solutions that address unmet healthcare requirements, with a focus on enhancing patient outcomes and overall quality of life.

To support healthcare professionals in their daily work, NineTwoThree developed a Progressive Web Application (PWA) currently used by medical staff as a guide based on treatment protocols for various health conditions - even in areas where internet connectivity is limited.

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The protocols can be easily filtered by the medical staff by simply selecting a category (as shown below), allowing for efficient navigation.


Edwards LifeSciences approached us with a challenge to develop an app for medical staff within a narrow timeframe. Traditional native mobile applications for the medical field typically go through a long approval process by Apple and Google, and we had to come up with a solution that would meet their deadlines. We understood that one of the main requirements was that the medical staff needed a tool that would provide easy access to treatment protocols, even in areas with no Wi-Fi connectivity.

Displaying the protocols on a small screen of a mobile device presented another challenge, because of the amount of conditions and variations in the treatment flow chart. Our goal was to transform the flow charts traditionally printed on the copy paper into a user friendly and intuitive interface on your smartphone.

Play Guide of the Mobile treatment Protocol

Shown here is a demonstration of how the treatment protocol flow chart operates on mobile devices. For more information on how the flow chart was modified to be mobile-friendly, please refer to the solution section that follows.


To create a mobile-friendly solution that fits our client's timeline, we decided to go with the Progressive Web Application (PWA) technology - a web application with the offline capabilities of a native app. This allowed our client to have an application that could be easily viewed on a mobile device and accessed through an icon on the home screen. Anytime a hospital member entered an area without an internet connection, the protocols they were viewing would save, making them still available in those Wi-Fi dead zones.

Lastly, we developed a different way of presenting the treatment protocol flow chart by focusing on 1 decision point at a time, allowing users to navigate it step-by-step. Our design eliminated the need for staff to pinch and zoom, streamlining their workflow and making it easier for them to access vital information quickly.


When medical staff rely on paper-based treatment protocols, it becomes difficult to verify their adherence to the hospital’s established standards of care. Often, they have to rely on memory instead because they do not have the paper-based protocol on hand. By utilizing our pathways app, they were able to ensure that their staff adhered to the established treatment protocols, which serves as the best practice for providing quality care. All protocols are readily available on a mobile device online and offline, eliminating the need for manual searches through pages.

Furthermore, new or existing protocols can be introduced promptly without requiring reprints. Our app transformed the way that medical staff operate, allowing them to work more efficiently and effectively. For further information about the remarkable work of Edwards Lifesciences, please visit their website here.


To gain a better understanding of the application we have created, we invite you to view the video below which provides a comprehensive demonstration of its features and functionalities. By watching the video, you can witness the application in action.