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Rank Logic, founded by Spencer Haws, is a keyword and content-tracking plugin made for WordPress. The tool allows users to track new SEO  strategies, including which author performs better, understand page-level metrics, and optimize content based on best practices. This is the ideal tool for bloggers, niche site creators, and anyone who has a content-heavy website.


Rank Logic wanted to use modern technology like generative AI to upgrade its offering with a state-of-the-art targeted keyword and analytics integration. This tool would help its users overcome the challenges they faced with Google Analytics 4 and would give them a one-stop shop for SEO that’s fully integrated with their current workflow.

This upgrade was aimed at improving the tool's usability and at further securing Rank Logic's leadership in the market. Rank Logic did not have the needed AI expertise to develop this solution in-house, so they turned to NineTwoThree Studio as a development partner.


Several challenges had to be tackled to upgrade Rank Logic’s existing offering.

The first challenge was that Rank Logic required an integration with Google Search Console which would work with their existing WordPress plugin to fetch and analyze data. This feature was a complex data integration that required us to dig deeper into the existing architecture of the Rank Logic tool.

The next challenge was developing more advanced features like an AI content updater which can inject relevant keywords and phrases into drafted content. We also had to add a duplicate of the Google Analytics dashboard without compromising the function of the current Rank Logic plugin.

Finally, we had to pay attention to the user experience and accessibility of the features we were introducing, ensuring that they were user-friendly. The end goal was to provide a good experience for both administrators and end-users inside WordPress.


Our approach to overcoming these challenges was multi-faceted, focusing specifically on feature development and strategic integration:
For the AI Content Updater:
We made use of AI models such as ChatGPT to autonomously generate and embed targeted keywords and sentences into blog posts through Rank Logic. To do this, we incorporated web scraping capabilities to allow users to refine their keyword research and content optimization processes.

Most exciting of all was the new “one-click” enhancement feature used to update and upgrade existing blog content in a flash using AI-based suggestions.
Google Analytics Dashboard Replication:
To add an analytics dashboard to Rank Logic, we engineered a feature to directly incorporate Google Analytics traffic data including impressions, users, and sessions into the plugin’s interface. This dashboard offered a much more user-friendly and comprehensive alternative to navigating the new Google Analytics platform, GA4. It is also now accessible from directly within Rank Logic itself.


Together, NineTwoThree and Rank Logic enhanced keyword tracking, performance analysis, and content optimization capabilities. We introduced the AI Content Updater and a replicated Google Analytics Dashboard, which greatly improved the user interface and enabled a better user experience.

This strengthened Rank Logic's position by broadening its feature set and enhancing its value proposition to users. Now website administrators and content creators can make better data-driven decisions through advanced analytics and automated content optimization.

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