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ItsaVibe is a cutting-edge influencer platform that revolutionizes the way businesses and influencers connect and work together. NineTwoThree transformed the initial idea into a highly valuable and functional application.

NineTwoThree Venture Studio, 2022



ItsaVibe is an innovative social media mobile application that is revolutionizing influencer marketing for both businesses and individuals who aspire to become or currently are influencers. By utilizing location and interests, the app enables businesses to connect with local influencers, who can effectively promote their products or services through social media to attract more customers and increase sales. Unlike other influencer marketing platforms, this app focuses on hyper-local advertising, which benefits local businesses and restaurants. With this platform, individuals can also become influencers and promote businesses to the people they know, providing a more authentic and impactful marketing approach. This mobile app offers a win-win situation for both businesses and influencers, by fostering better collaboration and driving more foot traffic and sales.

The itsaVibe team had a great big idea for a social media mobile application, but needed help narrowing it down and developing it from scratch. We first conducted a detailed foundation with their team that defined their ideas into its most valued features and performed market research that determined the optimal product-market fit to inform development. Our team of experts worked closely with them to create a seamless two-sided mobile application for businesses and influencers that met their specifications. We also designed a website to complement the mobile app and enhance their online presence.


Key Features

See Who Stops By
See who is checked into your business in real time and start up chats with anyone who checked in.
Surge Your Foot Traffic
Create a critical mass in foot traffic with the click of a button using Crowdsurge features.
Measure the Impact
Get exact numbers on how many people see the posts you paid for post and compare results.


One distinguishing characteristic of this social media platform is its ability to empower individuals, regardless of their follower count, to become and reap the rewards of being an influencer. However, the creation of a fair scoring system presented a significant challenge. The most daunting aspect was designing a system that enabled ordinary individuals to establish and expand their influence on the platform. Unlike the conventional method of becoming an influencer through constant content creation, we had to develop a scoring algorithm that fostered growth through app engagement.

The second aspect of the challenge involved developing an algorithm to authenticate the legitimacy of influencers, whether they were established or new ones.


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Recognizing that our target audience consisted largely of younger users, we decided to gamify the entire process by drawing inspiration from other successful games and leveraging appropriate tasks for each level. Our approach involved offering small, achievable tasks at an affordable “cost” that rewarded users with experience points. Once a certain level of experience points is reached, the tasks become more challenging, but the rewards are also more substantial. As users climb the rankings, they earn more money from promotions, enabling those with fewer followers to expand their influence. Overall, this approach enabled us to establish a fair and effective means for users to grow their influence on the app.

It was equally important that their influence level - whether through the scoring system or from established influence on other platforms - was verifiable. The prevalence of websites that enable people to purchase followers has become a major issue in the world of social media. To combat this problem, we developed an algorithm that accurately measures authentic user engagement on posts, ensuring that the platform remains a trustworthy and reliable source for businesses and influencers alike.


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We collaborated closely with the ItsaVibe team, immersing ourselves in the project as if it were our own startup, to bring their innovative concept to life. Our biggest impact was taking their ambitious vision and creating a practical and cost-effective platform that can be launched and utilized by both influencers and businesses.

Rather than simply adding all the possible features into an expensive application, we used our experience as entrepreneurs to carefully select the most valuable features alongside them to streamline the development process and create a mobile app with true product-market fit. This effort resulted in a platform that delivers significant value and seamlessly brings influencers and businesses together at a community level.

Measure the Impact
Get exact numbers on how many people see the posts you paid for post and compare results.