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Pebble’s trading platform allows you to customize your investments to align with your personal values and beliefs. NineTwoThree brought their platform to life with a Design Sprint that led to developing their Android & iOS apps.


Pebble is an innovative trading platform that tailors your investments according to your values and belief system. Not just an ordinary trading firm, it empowers individuals to construct a values-driven portfolio. The platform offers users the flexibility to personalize their index funds. This functionality grants them the freedom to include or exclude any company to ensure their investments truly align with their convictions.

Pebble came to NineTwoThree to explore their initial idea further and bring it to life through our product design sprint. We researched competitors to fine-tune the product and created a high-fidelity clickable prototype that was later tested with real users to identify improvement areas. We then conducted a technical analysis to identify any challenges or limitations. The design sprint was complete with a concise project estimate to define scope, timeline, budget, and implementation strategy for development. Pebble then moved into the development phase with us, leading to the creation of both iOS and Android applications.


Pebble wanted top-notch development that could swiftly support their go-to-market efforts. Building native applications with a seamless user experience requires skilled engineers. However, bringing individual engineers onboard in-house to construct an app natively can be tough. This challenge mainly stems from the lengthy hiring process: finding the right engineer, integrating them into the team, and establishing procedures. The hiring process also demands extra time from other team members to oversee the engineer responsible for development.

Moreover, locating an engineer adept in mobile design can be challenging in itself. When designing, it's crucial to understand the distinct behaviors of iOS and Android users. In addition not every engineer has the expertise required for the nuanced process of submitting an app to the app store, a misstep which could lead to significant delays due to potential rejections. Overall, finding a quality engineer is a lengthy and expensive process that can slow down the time it takes to get the product to market.
To gain a better understanding of the application, view the video below which provides a comprehensive demonstration of its features and functionalities.


Harnessing our intellectual property and existing agency technology, Pebble worked with our Android and iOS team - a unit that has collaborated on multiple occasions, fostering a dynamic synergy - to expedite their goal of obtaining high quality mobile applications. Our work was laser-focused on their unique problem, eliminating the need for them to hire management or other roles. Additionally, by partnering with us, they avoided the need to hire a knowledgeable UX/UI designer and conduct app quality assurance. This collaboration fast-tracked their timeline, freed them from the worry of maintaining a staff, and allowed them to invest in a growth-focused agency post-development.

Furthermore, submitting an app to the app store is a complex process requiring expertise, and any missteps could lead to weeks of delay due to rejections. Our comprehensive understanding of each app store's workings enabled us to successfully submit the app on the first attempt, saving Pebble precious time.


Pebble was able to bring their idea of a personalized trading platform that better reflects the user’s ideas, values and individuality - custom tailored - all wrapped in a simple to use application. NineTwoThree helped the Pebble team not only understand the intricacies of the product, but also helped create a development roadmap informed by the design sprint. Our agency expertise and team dynamic, combined with a solid design sprint, led to high-quality mobile applications that not only saved time to market but also successfully met Pebble's goals. You can learn more about the company by visiting the Pebble website.

Collaborating with NineTwoThree ensures a partnership with a team dedicated to working alongside you, strategically allocating your investment for maximum impact while avoiding overdevelopment.
Get a glance at how the app was designed without having to download it by clicking “view prototype”.

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