Custom Machine Learning Solutions that Learn & Adapt to Your Business

Use your organization’s data to automate tasks, identify trends, and predict future outcomes. Our team  of machine learning consultants, data scientists and engineers will  develop software that streamlines operations, increases  profits, and makes better decisions.
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We’ve Been Building Machine Learning Solutions Since 2017

This isn’t our first rodeo! We launched our first machine learning solution in 2017. We’ll partner with you to build self-learning systems that use algorithms and statistical models to identify patterns in data and make predictions.
Predictive Analytics
Identify the likelihood of future outcomes based on historical data
Large Language Models
Build custom solutions that help drive efficiency such as  chatbots and intelligent assistants
Forecasting and Trends
Analyze data from images or video to look for actionable alerts, find anomalies, or discover trends.
Smart Insights
Analyze customer behaviors and deliver personalized experiences that drive loyalty
Recommendation Engines
Create systems that recommend the next best action based on past results
Anomaly and Fraud Detection
Determine outliers and or fraudulent data points to take action sooner

Recognizing Harmful Lice


Harmful Lice

Aquafalcon monitors fish in pens in real-time so they can detect harmful lice and proactively protect their fish farms.
Aquafalcon monitors fish in pens in real-time so they can detect harmful lice and proactively protect their fish farms.

Real-Time Routing


Real-Time Routing

Google Maps crunches on data to learn historical patterns,  then predict the best options for people’s routes.
Google Maps crunches on data to learn historical patterns,  then predict the best options for people’s routes.

Personalized Playlists



Spotify knows what you like based on your listening patterns and uses that knowledge curate the perfect playlist.
Spotify knows what you like based on your listening patterns and uses that knowledge curate the perfect playlist.

eCommerce Discounts



eCommerce companies can send promotions to customers based on their inclination to buy with or without coupons.
eCommerce companies can send promotions to customers based on their inclination to buy with or without coupons.

Hospital Re-Admittance


Hospital Re-

Hospitals can treat patients based on the likelihood of re-admittance and prioritize those who will need more care.
​​​​Whoa, 55 Billion+ matches made! Tinder is the king-of-the-hill for meeting new people. Machine learning identifies great matches based on profile pictures. The system learns through A/B testing. As more people see & swipe more photos, algorithms curate and make better matches. Better match-making made with better technology. How nice.
Tan Rao,  Former CTO Xeros Technologies

"They're able to synthesize requirements and provide alternative ways of thinking about things. They really go through that extra effort to make those suggestions, so you should take advantage of that. Their insights are very valuable and that distinguishes them from other providers."


Get Predictive Super Powers

You might not need to predict traffic, suggest shows or match lovers.
But we’re sure you want to use computers + data to improve your business.
Your business is unique. Your web and mobile apps should be too. That’s why we build everything from scratch, every time.
Your needs can change based on the market. We grow or shrink with you because your needs are our priority.
We meet weekly and give you access to our tools so you always know what’s going on with your app.
We’ve been doing this for so long that we know exactly what it takes. Our last 27 projects finished 7% within budget.
We are the best because we hire the best and all of our developers have been on the team for over a year.
We get it right the first time so you can forecast the future and meet your goals.

An Award Winning Software Design, Engineering & Marketing Studio

We help established brands iterate like startups and startups scale like established brands. Partnering with industry leaders and visionary entrepreneurs we focus on profit producing applications that are a delight to use. We leverage this transformation through the power of agile methodology, design thinking and impeccable engineering to help our clients rapidly identify and validate new products. And we have the stats to back it up...







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Meet Your Data Science and Machine Learning Team

Our data scientists can handle all of your  requirements including software development, labeling, and modeling. After the algorithm is tested, we wrap the solution in a cloud infrastructure to deliver a fully functioning Machine Learning solution.
data scientist


Senior level solution architect with a vast history of Machine Learning projects. Most notably, Oleksandr implemented a model that allows EV station owners to predict which stations were available to charge the vehicles. This was a massive undertaking that operates the largest EV market in Europe.

8 Years Experience with NineTwoThree
• AWS Certified Solutions Architect
• Machine Learning with TensorFlow Google Certified
• Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate
• AWS Certified Clout Practitioner
• Master in Computer Science, with MBA
data scientist


Senior Level Data Scientist with world renowned results for NLP models in both the Human Resource hiring process for a major USA company and replicating therapists - scoring equivalent to humans using GPT-3. Also supported the EV charger station project for the US market.
4 Years Experience with NineTwoThree
• Machine Learning Neural Networks Certificate
• Improving Deep Neural Networks Certificate
• Convolutional Neural Networks Certificate
• Natural Language Processing with Vectors Spaces (
• Statistical Inference from John Hopkins University
data scientist


Skilled Data Scientist with 4-years experience in computer vision, clustering analysis, object detection and tabular data classification. Also well acquainted with classification, decision trees, data pre-processing, cleaning, as well as neural networks.
4 Years Experience with NineTwoThree
• MLOps Professional Training Program
• AWS Cloud Practitioner
• Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence from Abto
• Natural Language Processing with Vectors Spaces (
• Statistical Inference from John Hopkins University
data scientist


Skilled Data Scientist with experience in computer vision, clustering analysis, object detection and tabular data classification. Built out a prediction model for 3d CT scans to predict the lungs capacity to detect pulmonary fibrosis for a major medical research company in Sweden.
2 Years Experience with NineTwoThree
Deep Learning DeepMind Certified Course
• CNN DeepMind Course Certification

Our Machine Learning and AI Case Studies


Dataflik MRR grew 634% to $2.5M In 12 Months

Dataflik helps real estate investors improve their business marketing operations. NineTwoThree built the machine learning model that predicts which houses in America will be listed for sale with 74% accuracy. .

Mental Health Company

A ChatGPT Bot Better Than Humans

This mental health company connects individuals to certified mental health professionals to prescribe ESA Letters. We created a ChatGPT bot that responded better than a human therapist when rated by users.


We Sold $20K in Revenue on Launch Day

Videosnap creates social media content with overlaid text extracted from just an audio file. We innovated the process in less than three months and created an MVP that sold $20k of product on launch day.


Machine Learning For eCommerce Product Matching

NineTwoThree's machine learning recommendations boost Cymbiotika's sales. See how we understand & predict what customers might buy based on behavior.


Making More Powerful Lookalike Audiences With Machine Learning

LaunchLabs and NineTwoThree enhance lookalike audiences with AI, boosting ad performance, lead generation, and ROI for ad agencies.


Bring Your Innovation to Life in 6 Steps


Ideate With Us

We’ll jump on a call. Yes, our founders, Andrew and Pavel – not some sales rep.

Tell us about your vision, the company, your data sources, and anything else that can help us know more about you.

We’ll brainstorm with you in real-time and figure out what you need to get your machine learning solution off the ground.

We’ve built numerous solutions and can tell you all the ways we can bring your idea to life.

Project Scoping

After our first call we’ll sign the NDA’s and bring on our team. Our engineers and data scientists will ask questions to learn more about your business processes, understand your goals, and understand any constraints. We will ask for and review sample data and try to get a grasp about your existing systems. Together we can narrow down what’s feasible and realistic within the context of your larger vision.
proof of concept

Prototyping & Planning

If there’s a good fit, then we’re ready to start work! During the prototyping and planning phase we’ll focus on measuring the predictive ability of your data. Based on our ideas from solution blueprinting, we’ll create a small, achievable prototype that takes 4-6 weeks to build. We’ll assign a team including an engineer, product manager, and project manager that will experiment with your data and make sure we can achieve your goals with the right models. We’ll then build out a roadmap on how to implement machine learning into your business based on data sources, data storage, and machine learning modeling best practices.

Taking it to Production

From here, we will work to build together based on our agreed upon roadmap. We’ll build the necessary data, training, retraining, and machine learning pipelines that willproduce the insights you need and work on performance optimization. Our implementation will focus on creating a user-centric system with the ability to handle real-world workflows that comply with security and regulatory standards. As we move into production we will shift to continuous integration and deployment processes, and ongoing performance monitoring that ensure the system is efficient and reliable in your environment.

Build & Grow

Model Routing Strategies:
Each task is detailed with all the screen designs, stories, descriptions and acceptance criteria ready for QA to test its completion. This radical transparency allows you to see the same picture we see and assures you we are on track.

Product Growth Strategy

Now that we understand the business model that helps your company innovate - we can prototype the product that serves that purpose. We will build a “Golden Path Prototype” that lets us all understand how the app will look and feel. More importantly, we can perform usability testing on customers to get immediate feedback to ensure we are in the right direction.

How Can Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Apps Transform Businesses?

Machine learning and artificial intelligence have already established themselves as powerful tools for businesses to harness in their search for efficiency, cost-reduction, and improved operations. 

By relying on these high-tech solutions in the form of applications suitable for everything from early-stage startups to mass enterprises, machine learning is quickly becoming a vital part of the world of business. But how and why these technologies, and is it possible to use them in any industry?

Many companies are data and process-heavy but still rely on traditional methods of managing them. With artificial intelligence apps built by expert agencies housing master machine learning engineers, several industries are already being transformed, from supply chain management to healthcare, eCommerce, and education to name just a few.

These technologies are helping real-world businesses better understand customer data, automate tedious processes, and have the added benefit of iterating as they scale. That means that if you choose artificial intelligence technology as a solution for your business, it will grow with you.

What is Artificial Intelligence vs Machine Learning?

Machine learning is as the name implies ultimately a learning process. In essence, code is used to create an algorithm that can extract information from labeled or unlabelled data. What makes machine learning techniques different from other types of algorithm models is that the code is made to adapt and change as it gains more information. 

This foundation helps the application identify and analyze patterns, make behavioral predictions or take on other intended goals.

There are also different types of machine learning tools and these different categories have distinct purposes. We discuss artificial intelligence and the key differences in our FAQs below.

What Are The Different Types Of Machine Learning?

Machine learning as a solution is usually divided into four categories: supervised, semi-supervised, unsupervised, and reinforcement learning.

Supervised learning refers to a machine learning algorithm that is manually taught information. Much like a child learning in school, the application is given known datasets and told the desired outcome. Then it’s up to the supervised machine learning algorithm to arrive at the intended destination.

Semi-supervised machine learning solutions are rather similar to supervised learning ones, except the data provided for the algorithm is a mix of known and unknown data sets. The goal here is to teach the algorithm to understand the known data and then to use that as a basis from which to label or categorize the unknown data.

Then there is unsupervised learning. This is the wild west of machine learning, where the algorithm is left to study and interpret large data sets without any input or supervision. The idea here is that the machine learning app will find a way to categorize the data into some sort of structure.

And last but not least there is reinforcement learning. Here, the algorithm is given a set of actions, requirements, limitations, and the expected final values. The machine learning solution tries to achieve the end result through various methods in order to find the most efficient one. The app is allowed to learn through trial and error, which iteratively helps it get to the best end result.

For the difference between machine learning algorithms and machine learning models, check out this post.

How are Machine Learning Algorithms Used In Machine Learning Projects?

Machine learning and artificial intelligence both already have existing footprints in the business world, from smaller companies to some of the largest enterprises around the globe. In fact, different types of AI and supervised learning algorithms are already used to customize experiences on smartphones, web browsers, and other online platforms.

From Tesla’s machine learning models for their autopilot modes to social media platforms adapting to show users content they might like, there is machine learning in more applications today than ever before.

Streaming giant Netflix is said to have saved as much as $1 billion due to its machine learning algorithm for content recommendations,  while Google and other search engines commonly use machine learning to improve their search results, maps, and language translation capabilities.
And they aren’t the only ones - companies like Salesforce and Hubspot use it to enable user automation that improves marketing flows.

Why is Machine Learning Mastery Essential for Businesses?

Machine learning is an incredible tool because it is both flexible and adaptable. This type of technology can be applied to any industry, and all industries can enjoy the benefits of improved efficiency, data-tracking, cost reductions, and much more.

What makes these algorithms even more powerful is that they can go from as simple as tracking sales or social media performance to complex solutions for language or audio recognition.

The most important thing to know about machine learning for businesses is that it is vital to work with a machine learning agency that has a proven track record in delivering machine learning and AI solutions for various industries. Choosing the wrong machine learning partner can be highly detrimental and end up costing businesses thousands of dollars in wasted time and effort.

NineTwoThree Venture Studio is an experienced machine learning agency most recently honored for the second time by Inc. 5000 and having been ranked as the top development and mobile app development company in Boston by Let us organize your data to make better decisions or build Machine Learning and AI software to improve your business.

We're always thinking about machine learning and AI

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