Protect Your Assets with an IT Due Diligence and Quality Assurance Review

Whether you are acquiring a new piece of software or want to measure your current development team’s impact, make an informed decision about next steps with an IT audit. Plus, we provide 100% money back if you are not satisfied.
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Why Diligence

Make Informed Business Decisions Based on Expert Technical Advice

We’ve been building software for over 11 years and have seen it all. We will understand your goals, interview the team that built the software, and create a detailed report with our findings and  recommendations for stabilizations. Our engineers will give you the comfort of knowing someone has your back.
M&A Due Diligence
We review the code you intend to purchase and provide a comprehensive report for your acquisition decision.
Tech Stack & Code Audit
We look under the hood and see the code that operates your business. Whether from another agency, or your internal team - we will uncover its true status.
Quality Assurance Review
We provide a list of bugs on all the platforms you ask us to review with steps to reproduce each bug and the level of impact.

Run Your Business While Trusting The Technology Just Works.

With every due diligence engagement we can perform a stabilization estimate that covers the entire cost of getting you back to worrying about your business. With over 70 software applications built and a track record of delivering 26 of our last 27 projects on time, you'll know you're in good hands.
Get a budget, timeline and engineers to achieve your product's goals.

We Provide a Thorough Snapshot of Your Product's Technology

As a business leader it's often hard to believe if your team is really behind on deliverables or if they're in over their heads. Let us be your partner and use our experience of building and selling software products to tell you what you're missing, or what may need more work.

Quality Assurance Review

  • List of bugs by platform (iOS, Android, Web)
  • Steps to reproduce each bug
  • Level of impact (critical, major, minor)
  • Review of Ticking System for Tracking Bugs
  • UI Check and Review

IT Due Diligence

  • Codebase review for architectural integrity
  • Security and scalability Issues
  • Testing, peer review, documentation
  • End-to-End release process check
  • Version control practices
  • Cloud infrastructure best practices
  • Release + rollback process
  • Software development process

Stabilization Estimate

After the Quality Assurance Review and Technical Due Diligence we will suggest a proper team structure needed to fix the issues. This will include the cost of the engagement with a timeline for delivery.

Growth Audit

If you're looking increase profit and accelerate sales, we can help you plan to scale your app. If you provide a business summary, profit and loss statements, and your competitors, we can provide:
  • Internal analytics audit based on industry standards
  • Ways of increasing profit in your business
  • Audio & video Interviews of customers and/or users
  • Competitive analysis based on marketing channels including search, social, and ads
  • Advertising and organic growth plan

Pricing Plans for Quick Results

Don’t know what you don’t know? Schedule a call and we will guide you to a plan that will always include a path to stabilization with an estimate from our team.

Quality Assurance Review

1+ Week
use case:
Let’s us get on the same page, understand your goals, and deliver an exact scope and deadline.
QA Review OUtcomes
  • List of bugs by platform
  • Steps to reproduce each bug
  • Level of impact (Critical, Major, Minor)

Technical Due Dilligence

2+ Week
use case:
You have a startup or an idea how your business can innovate - but need experts to prove the model.
  • Have a call with existing tech team to understand current architecture
  • Document the Results of the discussion
  • Suggestions how to enhance the architecture

Growth Audits

Growth Audits

3+ Week
use case:
You are an enterprise or well funded startup looking for MBA level research on your product roadmap.
  • Business Summary
  • Profit and Loss Statements
  • Audio Interview and Video Interview of Owner / Key Leader
We also do custom packages and enterprise venture sprints
Tyrus Garrett, CEO of Dataflik

Thanks to the algorithm that NineTwoThree Studio has helped us construct, we predict accurately about 60%–70% of home sales. We’re one of the top five companies in the industry. We’re pretty happy with that, and it gets better every month.

EST Time zone

Don’t change your schedule

Our team adjusts to EST so that all projects can run the same cadence regardless of your current schedule - or where the team resides. This cadence puts the core working hours between 8am EST and 3pm EST to support California to Italy.

Due Diligence FAQs

How do influencers make money from custom community apps?
To conduct due diligence on a software company, you must evaluate its reputation, experience, and client references. At NineTwoThree, we heavily suggest you assess financial stability, software development processes, legal compliance, customer support, scalability, data security, and privacy measures. We also urge potential buyers to review contracts, seek legal advice, and consider external experts like NineTwoThree Studio for support.

At NineTwoThree, the main objective of our due diligence engagements are to create a list of stabilization activities necessary to significantly improve the quality of the product. We will assess the processes employed by the current team: Software Development Lifecycle, Security, Logging, Code Style, Tech Stack, Deployment, Testing, QA, Planning, Documentation, and other Project Management practices, identify gaps and suggest improvements, along with the associated cost estimates.

The most efficient process will require several Q&A sessions with the current development team to discuss current practices, technical approaches, and decisions. Our packages include the following:
Quality Assurance Review
QA review outcomes:
  • list of bugs by the platform (iOS, Android, Web)
  • steps to reproduce each bug
  • level of impact (critical, major, minor)
Stabilization Estimate
The estimate covers:
  • team structure needed to fix the issues found by QA.
  • cost of the engagement
  • timeline for the delivery
Technical Due Diligence
CTO and Tech Lead will:
  • have a call with the existing Tech Team to understand the current architecture and infrastructure
  • document the results of the discussion
  • suggestions on how to enhance the architecture
What Are the Questions to Ask During Software Due Diligence?
When conducting software due diligence, ask the following questions:
  • What is the software's purpose and intended functionality?
  • How does the software handle data security and privacy?
  • Are there any known vulnerabilities or security incidents in the software?
  • What technologies and frameworks are used in the software's development?
  • How scalable is the software to accommodate future growth?
What's the Difference Between Due Diligence and Compliance?
Due diligence is the process of conducting thorough investigations, assessments, and analyses to gather information and make informed decisions. It involves evaluating various aspects, such as financials, risks, legal compliance, and operational practices.

Compliance, on the other hand, refers to the act of conforming to laws, regulations, policies, and industry standards. It involves ensuring that an individual or organization adheres to the prescribed rules and guidelines, often set by governing bodies or regulatory authorities.

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