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We partner with leading businesses between 5 and 100 Million to build new businesses, products and revenue streams through our Harvard Business School proven methodology that makes innovation FAR more predictable and profitable.

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Are you part of the 90% of Executives that believe Innovation is CRITICAL?

Study by McKinsey.com

Are you going though a transformation and you need to solve your innovation crisis immediately?
Fewer than 30% of top-ranking executives feel confident that they are prepared to address a change in a post-covid world.
Before you are ready to map the future you need a clear view of the present.

Small Businesses also need to predict profitability.

McKinsey and Boston Consulting Group focus on the Fortune 500 companies. Who is focusing on the heartbeat of America? Who is finding the opportunities in the market while small business owners can focus on profitability today? Can you handle all this...


Do you accept innovation-led growth as absolutely critical, and have you cascaded targets that reflect this?


Do you invest in a coherent, time-risk balanced portfolio of initiatives that are resourced to win?


Do you have differentiated actionable customer, business, marker, and technology insights that are translate into winning value propositions?


Do you create new business models that provide defensible, robust, and scalable profit sources?


Do you beat the competition with fast and effective development and launch of innovations?


Do you launch innovations in the relevant markets and segments at the right magnitude?


Do you win by creating and capitalizing on external works?


Are your people motivated, rewarded, and organized to innovate repeatedly?

Do you even have time for this?

What if you had a crystal ball?

One that can understand the future and predict new sources of income streams reliably ...

But with hundreds of opportunities which business model should you invest in?

What if there was a team of entrepreneurs that understood where all of these paths lead to?

...and that team used the scientific method to provide YOU with the BEST path.

Our Team of Venture Guides work alongside YOUR executives every step of the way in determining new sources of revenue.

  • CAC Decisions
  • Market Opportunities
  • Ideal Customer Profiles

75% of Fortune 500 Companies are doing exactly this ... right now

It is time you found your innovation team that can solve your future problems while you focus on the present.

Meet your Venture Guides


Andrew Amann

Andrew is an experienced entrepreneur and entrepreneur. He is responsible for three patents for supply chain processes while he worked as a nuclear submarine engineer. He has launched fourteen startups.

“I can help you find revenue streams based on my experience building 55 products and 14 startups”


Stephanie Leathe

Stephanie builds products that people want and need, and teach people to solve problems more effectively with Design Thinking. She is currently reimagining the way we gather online with my own SaaS startup, Altar Live. She also brings her 7 years of entrepreneurial & educational experience helping to build digital products that have a ready market that is willing to pay for the product.

"I worked for 5 years in entrepreneurial education & still actively teach undergraduate courses on Creativity & Entrepreneurship."


Pavel Kirillov

I'm a geek, I live and breathe technology and start-ups. Over the course of the last 20+ years I have become a passionate and experienced technology leader; held a broad variety of positions in organizations large (90,000+) and small (2-5); lead teams of incredible professionals around the globe speaking 3 languages; built an excellent track record of persevering and delivering great results together with my teammates and partners.


Dan Cumberland

I’m a serial entrepreneur, SaaS founder, and veteran podcast host and content creator. Over the past 10 years I’ve helped online companies build six and seven figure launches.

What you get during your Venture Sprint with NineTwoThree

Carried out by our Venture Guides

Customer Journey
& Business Model Creation
& Market Research
Brand Design
Usability Testing
Estimation & Implementation

Process of Working With NineTwoThree


Discovery Call

Either you have an idea or you know that you need to innovate.
If either of these is true, it’s worth a call with one of the Founders
of NineTwoThree - who built 60 products and really understands
business models.

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Meet your Venture Innovation Guide

We will match you with one of our Entrepreneur Innovation Residents (EIR) who will begin to map out the market, industry and opportunity that lays ahead of us.


Foundation Day

Our Team will meet with you in person for a two day foundation where we’ll get all your ideas and assumptions out in the open and then get really honest about all the ways these ideas can fail or succeed. We list the key areas our team needs to help you de-risk with research. And point out new opportunities for revenue that you haven't identified yet


Customer Interviews

Either you have a large customer base already or you are just starting off we need to know what Job the customer is going to hire your product to do. We have Harvard trained research team that have been founders of companies, worked in Big Tech, and know exactly how to ask unbiased questions.


Jobs To Be Done Report

Our Team will meet with you in person for a two day foundation where we’ll get all your ideas and assumptions out in the open and then get really honest about all the ways these ideas can fail or succeed. We list the key areas our team needs to help you de-risk with research. And point out new opportunities for revenue that you haven't identified yet


Product Growth Strategy

Now that we understand the business model that helps your company innovate - we can prototype the product that serves that purpose. We will build a “Golden Path Prototype” that lets us all understand how the app will look and feel. More importantly, we can perform usability testing on customers to get immediate feedback to ensure we are in the right direction.

Award Winning Software Design & Engineering Studio

We help established brands iterate like startups and startups scale like established brands. Partnering with industry leaders and visionary entrepreneurs we focus on profit producing applications that are a delight to use. We leverage this transformation through the power of agile methodology, design thinking and impeccable engineering to help our clients rapidly identify and validate new products. And we have the stats to back it up...

Years in business
Boston Agency
Fastest growing

Product Building With Confidence.

Now that we have executed the Venture Design Sprint we can build the product with confidence that customers will be attracted to.

If you build [with   ] , they will come

Products That Were Built Using
The Venture Design Sprint

Doubled Revenue  with the same
number of employees.

Our product uses Here to deliver millions of packages a month. We helped grow to a $1 Billion dollar company with a mobile app that streamlined delivery routes for contractors.

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Released in Target and Walmart gaining top monitor sold in 2016.

Dorel pioneered the segment with a baby camera that sensed the heartbeat and breathing. We made an App that parents loved. (The 2016 version, not the one on the store now.)

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