Internet of Things Software Development

We develop secure IoT mobile and web applications to help connect to your hardware devices and guide business decisions. Our team has over 10 years of experience in connecting to Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, edge devices, sensors and we even hold two patents.

Our Software Agency Connects Physical Devices to Mobile & Web Applications

We combine world class mobile & web development with embedded technologies. Your hardware and software need to be designed with seamless interaction in mind, by professionals who have done it before.

Bluetooth Low Energy
IoT Platform
IoT Data
Internet of Things
Internet of Things

We connected
this to that.

We connected
this to that.

We connected
this to that.

Hydrofinity is the biggest innovation in laundry since the washing machine. Our App and IoT platform help analyze and run the global laundry operation.

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We connected
this to that.

We connected
this to that.

We connected
this to that.

EV Charging stations are at risk of breaking down, thus inconveniencing the end-user. By developing an ML powered platform, we can now identify anomalous behavior and predict down-time ahead of time.

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Machine Learning

We synchronized
this with that.

We synchronized
this with that.

We synchronized
this with that.

Dorel has pioneered the segment with baby camera that sensed the heartbeat and breathing. We designed an App that parents loved.

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Mobile Apps

We transformed
this into that.

We transformed
this into that.

We transformed
this into that.

Altar Live has turned thousands of churches weekly live streams into events people want to come back to. We made a live event and weekly meeting platform that makes it easy to engage people.

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Web Development

Double Your Engineering Team While Maintaining Core IP

Let us take care of your “customer facing app”. We'll work with your core engineering team to develop seamless hardware and mobile app interactions. We use Agile and Lean methodologies to move fast, and keep you in the loop with full transparency.

Expert engineering teams

Our IoT team has 10 years experience working to deliver secure, scalable and resilient software.

Leading technological solutions

We study IoT daily and learn from the projects we currently work on to ensure your project feels modern.

We work with your engineering team.

Our goal is to work alongside your team and commit code together. We fully expect you to take over from us one day.

Go-to market with apps users love

We've supported cameras, washing machines, allergen devices, beacons, and more. The best part, the apps are all 5 stars.

IoT Services

Developing Internet of Things (IoT) services with us means your products will be set up with both security and infrastructure for future growth. We value intelligent connections between data science, user experience, and better computing platforms.

Product Design
We validate ideas and solve big challenges with you through prototypes and iterative design.
Mobile App Development
We build a custom app for your fast-growth company based on years of experience.
Software Development
We deliver SaaS products that are easy to use and easy to love with our proven track record.
Machine Learning
We organize your data to make better business decisions based on algorithms and past events.
BLE Connectivity
We work with BLE connectivity to ensure two way communication between the hardware and software.
WiFi Connectivity
We ensure your application has everything needed to connect to the internet including a simplistic way to bring the Wi-Fi chip online.

"The most impressive aspect of working with NineTwoThree is their transparency and Technical Acumen. They are able to say what they can and what cannot be done. They ask questions and are outcome-focused on our success."


NineTwoThree is the IoT company to tell your CEO about - They'll love us.

Developing IoT products is hard. We get it. Your team has spent years building and testing hardware and now you need a software solution to compliment your hardware. Our team is ready to assist you build a world class application that solves complex engineering problems with simple and elegant user interfaces.

Good Design - Reliable Engineering. That is NineTwoThree.
It makes sense, you don’t do this everyday. But. We. Do.

Building an app with NineTwoThree has a 4 Month ROI

We map out your entire project, deliverable by deliverable, and tell you exactly when your product will launch. When we propose a budget, we are confident in our team's performance and will ensure your project is delivered on time. So much so that our last three estimations were within 4% of the actual scope.

Years in business
Boston Agency
Fastest growing

Our 5 Step Playbook


Discovery Call

We’ll jump on the call. Yes, Andrew and Pavel - not some sales rep.

Tell us everything about your vision, the company, your ambitions and your target audience.  

We aim to make CEOs and CTOs look like heroes to their customers.  We excel at helping companies solve complex engineering problems that result in world class mobile and web applications.

Try us out, it's free to contact us - we love ideating.

Contact Andrew

Get A Ballpark

After the call, we'll take everything we know about your project and combine the knowledge with the 50 projects and 14 startups we have already built. We grab a few of our engineers and project managers and talk about YOU. Typically, our projects fall between 100k and 500k for a 3-5 month build.


Design Sprint

We validate ideas and solve big challenges with you through prototyping and testing ideas. Instead of waiting to launch a minimal product to understand if an idea is any good, you’ll get clear data from a realistic prototype. The sprint gives you a superpower: You can fast-forward into the future to see your finished product and customer reactions, before making any expensive commitments.

Understand. Map out the problem and pick an area to focus.
Ideate. Sketch out competing solutions on paper.
Decide. Make decisions and turn your ideas into a testable hypothesis.
Prototype. Hack together a realistic prototype.
Test. Get feedback from real live users.


Exact Scope & Cost

We map out your entire project, deliverable by deliverable and tell you exactly when your product will launch. When we propose a budget, we are confident in our team performance and will ensure your project is delivered on time.

Our last three estimations were within 4% of the actual scope:


Build & Grow

We believe in giving customers full visibility throughout the entire development process. We create project management boards on and invite you to see all the updates about every task that the implementation team will be working on.

Each task is detailed with all the screen designs, stories, descriptions and acceptance criteria ready for QA to test its completion. This radical transparency allows you to see the same picture we see and assures you we are on track.

Smart Baby Monitor

Dorel pioneered the segment with a baby camera that sensed the heartbeat and breathing. We made an App that parents loved. (The 2016 version, not the one on the store now.)

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Smart Baby Monitor

Laundry Revolution

Hydrofinity provides cleaner, softer linens in a single wash, while reducing utilities costs and improving customer satisfaction - NineTwoThree built a CES Award Winning Application for best innovation in 2018.

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Laundry Revolution


Xeros saves millions of gallons of water per year with their patented washing machine. NineTwoThree built the IoT platform to connect 1000's of washing machines to a dynamic dashboard for real time reporting.

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Serving Our Heroes

Marken cleans, inspects and restores the protective gear for 100’s of US Fire Departments. Our software keeps track of the garments to ensure fireman remain clean from contaminants.

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Serving Our Heroes

How to build an IoT application?

Do You Understand The Power Of The Internet Of Things And Its Applications?

The internet of things and IoT applications have exploded onto the B2B and B2C scenes as smart technology and wearables have integrated into our offices and homes. From startups to enterprise-level businesses, the internet of things has many use cases and is already being used to transform supply chains, agricultural management, and much more.

The good news is that it can do the same for your business, saving you time and money.

What Are Some Examples Of Internet Of Things Applications?

Internet of things devices and their development have already become technological cornerstones of multiple industries. Autonomous vehicles are perhaps the most well-known example to the public, as are home smart devices like Amazon’s Alex or Google Assistant.

But for businesses and enterprises, the power of IoT devices and applications goes far beyond home uses. Medical wearables for diabetes and other health monitoring purposes, retail supply chain monitoring, traffic and vehicle management - the list goes on and on.

Are IoT Apps The Future Of Internet Of Things Devices?

A smart device making use of internet of things software is only as good as its application. That’s why many startups and enterprises are investing in creating their own unique IoT apps for their industries. Creating customized experiences for both their in-house teams as well as their end-users, companies can use IoT apps to better manage data, reduce down times, improve security, and much more.

What Are The Types Of Internet Of Things Software Development?

There are generally two different types of IoT software development: enterprise IoT and consumer IoT. The type being used to create an application will depend on the company’s needs, the development agency they choose to work with, and what their goals are for the final product.

As mentioned above, there are many different uses for IoT applications, so it’s best that interested businesses do their own market research and determine what they want before they approach an agency to develop their concept. Some agencies will have more experience building internet of things applications for consumers, while others might be more focused on enterprise solutions.

How To Do Internet Of Things Application Development As A Business?

If your business is looking to develop an internet of things application but doesn’t have the experience or in-house expertise to deliver it, it’s best to partner with an internet of things agency with a proven track record of bringing these solutions to market.

NineTwoThree Venture Studio is recognized as the top mobile application development agency in Boston and has recently been honored by Inc. 5000 for the second year in a row - plus we have the IoT experts on our team to take your application from concept to completion without the fuss.

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5 FAQs About The Internet Of Things

1. What is meant by the internet of things?

The internet of things is a collective term for smart devices and applications all linked together through an online network. These devices typically communicate with each other via cloud technology or directly from device to device.

2. What are the advantages of IoT?

Implementing IoT apps into your business can hold many advantages for companies of all sizes. Improving operational efficiency, better allocation of resources, improve safety and security as well as increasing customer satisfaction and retention.

3. Why is IoT so important?

The internet of things has become such an important topic of conversation because it holds so much potential for the future. Some of the capabilities that we will see in the next decade will surpass all expectations, transforming how people live, approach their health, their commute, and their personal safety all with IoT apps.

4. What problems can IoT solve?

There are several ways to get brand partnerships and sponsorships for your brand as an influencer. This can be as simple as approaching a company with the option to collaborate, or content creators can be approached directly by companies with pitches as well.There are several global challenges that can be met and overcome with the internet of things applications. Care for the elderly is one such example, with lifespans extending further through healthcare. IoT apps can integrate seamlessly between the senior end-user and their caregivers or healthcare providers.

Another challenge IoT can solve is environmental protection from pollution. Real-time environmental monitoring and warning systems can help keep humans safe from natural disasters and man-made ones too.

5. What are the main challenges of IoT implementation?

The biggest challenges that businesses face when planning an IoT implementation are: deciding what they need from the application, finding the right development agency to work with, and scaling their solution long-term.

This is why it’s important to do your due diligence when looking for IoT development services. Work with reputable agencies that have a portfolio of existing apps on the market as well as positive previous client testimonials.