Why Now is the Time to Outsource Innovation

Why Now is the Time to Outsource Innovation
Finding a partner that will evaluate your market and opportunities and help you come up with your next digital venture is the value of outsourcing.

The rapid pace of innovation within the technology world continues in an unabated fashion. Groundbreaking ideas leveraging AI, mobile, and other ingenious tech advancements help bootstrap new businesses or help existing companies launch new digital ventures. 

All you need is an innovative idea, technical expertise, and development team in place.

When most companies think about outsourcing, they think about those second two needs. Most assume the time to bring in a mobile app development agency is when they already have an idea in place and need help with execution.

In fact, finding a partner that will work with you to evaluate your market and opportunities and help you come up with your next digital venture is the real value of outsourcing. When you outsource, you have the opportunity to draw on a new source for inspiration and innovation.

2022 Will Be a Big Year for Outsourcing 

Simply stated, enterprises outsource their innovative technology projects to gain access to best of breed programming and managerial talent with experience in coming up with and executing on innovative new ventures. Considering the tech talent shortage currently impacting the industry as well as changes to employment models due to the pandemic, outsourcing provides you with the agility and talent to craft any digital venture.

As companies struggle from a lack of programming talent, they outsource projects to agencies specializing in building high-end apps and interactive websites. This remains a major reason for the continued growth of the outsourcing market. According to data from Daxx and Statista, by the start of 2022, the total value of outsourced tech services will exceed $413 billion. So if your company prefers to attempt building a digital venture by itself, your competition might beat you to the market. 

Innovative Ideas Aren’t Finished Products

Coming up with ideas is easy. Coming up with the right ideas and executing on those ideas isn’t always. Instead of relying on a spark of genius that may never come - or worse, running with a spark that doesn’t truly fit a market or business need - leverage proven processes and frameworks for innovation.

As a methodology, we use Learn-Measure-Build, our take on Lean Startup, which is a popular variant of Agile. It allows our project team to learn quickly about the customer market and the problems the app needs to solve. They also understand the best ways to measure customer interaction with the app during testing. The team then uses those lessons to inform the process for the design and coding changes during the next project cycle. 

Ultimately, it’s an approach leveraging rapid development within a project framework that helps the team discover innovative solutions while staying on track. It’s a managed process combining informed analysis and targeted coding to turn the spark of an idea into a compelling digital venture. This remains a major reason to outsource your innovative ideas to an organization with the skills and experience for a successful outcome. 

An Example of Why Outsourcing Innovation Works 

Our CEO and Founder, Andrew Amann recently guested on the Recruit Rockstars podcast to discuss outsourcing innovation. He talked about our successful HydroFinity project, which optimizes laundry services for hotels and other commercial establishments.

The company already won an award at CES for their innovative laundry whitening concept using nylon polymer beads. They reached out to us to build an infrastructure that would allow them to commercialize this concept. Since they approached NineTwoThree very early on in the process, we were able to focus on their larger goals and come up with a solution that meets those goals.

We crafted a cloud-based IoT system, including a bespoke mobile app, to monitor washing machine activity in real time. This approach ultimately resulted in the reduction of water usage by 80%. The company hopes to soon introduce this product to the domestic market. 

The HydroFinity project provides a perfect example of how an award-winning innovation still needed to be outsourced to a company known for building successful digital ventures. The company now boasts the potential to break into global markets and reach potentially billions of users. 

So if you’re looking to solve a specific business or market challenge, consider partnering with us to transform that spark into a digital venture with the potential to change the world. When looking at our history of project successes, we are a great example of why outsourcing innovation works. 

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Tim Ludy
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