Top 10 Machine Learning Companies for 2023

Top 10 Machine Learning Companies for 2023
The top 10 machine learning development agencies for transforming your business with AI and machine learning software development.

When looking at the most impactful technology innovations of the last decade, it becomes hard to compete with machine learning innovations. AI-powered digital transformation and machine learning continue to power the current digital transformation in a myriad of business sectors. Everything from customer service chatbots to automated trading in the financial world became possible because of the smart application of machine learning. Additionally, generative AI and ChatGPT offer the potential to make its impact even greater.

If you have a great idea for an app, platform, or service that leverages AI, finding experienced software engineers remains a challenging prospect. So we provided a convenient list of the top machine learning companies in the industry. Leverage the information within this article to find an organization with the technical skills, business acumen, and experience to transform your idea into a great digital venture.

1. NineTwoThree Studio

NineTwoThree Studio

NineTwoThree Studio prides itself on industry-leading enterprise mobile development capabilities along with valuable experience partnering with clients in a variety of business sectors. Their team crafts software for the desktop, mobile platforms, web, embedded systems and the IoT, all while leveraging IoT and machine learning when necessary. Additionally, as a venture studio the company gained significant experience turning intriguing business concepts into compelling digital ventures in the process of helping startups build successful businesses.

Notably, NineTwoThree regularly ranks among the Clutch top mobile app development shops in addition to other software engineering disciplines. The company also enjoys significant expertise with AI and machine learning, honing their practice through a variety of tangible successes. Since they also operate as a venture studio and agency builder they serve as a perfect partner for startups looking to leverage these transformational technologies. This operational strategy provides them with the flexibility to partner with companies ranging from startups to larger enterprises.

With a dedicated machine learning team, NineTwoThree boasts a variety of successful projects that leverage ML in a variety of ways. For example, the Dataflik real estate platform uses machine learning models to generate lists of motivated sellers, ultimately supercharging marketing operations for real estate companies. Additionally, Videosnap is an automated video creation platform using generative AI solutions to optimize the process of creating video content.

2. Software Mind 


Formed in Krakow, Poland in 1999, Software Mind also ranks as one of the top AI and machine learning development shops, according to Clutch. They employ over 1,100 software development specialists located across the globe, with a special concentration in Europe and the Americas. Notably, the company also boasts 11 separate research and development labs in various global locations. Their mission statement sums up Software Mind’s philosophy: “to bring disruptive ideas to life by empowering companies with top-notch engineering teams.”

In 2022, the company expanded its reach by acquiring four other technology firms: ValueLogic, Code Factory, Virtualmind and Chmurowisko. These acquisitions expanded Software Mind’s nearshore development capabilities while also augmenting the organization’s current technical expertise. Notably, the company boasts service offerings specifically aimed at data science and FinTech, allowing the team to truly bring their top-shelf AI and machine learning skills to the fore. They also boast expertise in natural language processing (NLP) allowing them a seat at the emerging generative AI table.

Highlights from Software Mind’s case studies include a long-term partnership with an industry-leading business intelligence organization. They also completed a successful project for a global healthcare industry leader, helping them achieve a digital transformation of a legacy clinical trials application. This included a state of the art implementation of machine learning as well as a DevOps approach using TDD and CI/CD. Finally, a successful initiative for a leading company in the industrial technology sector leveraged the IoT and machine learning to improve scalability and efficiency.  

3. Suffescom Solutions Inc. 

Suffescom Solutions Inc. 

California-based Suffescom Solutions enjoys a status as one of the top-rated machine learning development firms on Clutch. After its 2011 formation in Mohali, India, the fledgling company quickly established a main office in the Los Angeles area. Notably, Suffescom currently employs over 750 workers located all across the globe. Additionally, they helped over 30 startups bootstrap their operations with their developed apps resulting in over 500 million downloads. In addition to AI, the company also builds apps for the mobile, NFT, and the stock trading markets.

Suffescom’s managing director, Gurpreet Singh Walia, commented on his organization’s customer-centric approach to software development. “We aim to serve businesses with customer-centric, result-oriented, cost-effective and innovative solutions that open up endless customer-engaging possibilities and drive value to global clients. We work to make our customers happy through dedication and professionalism of our team,” noted Walia. In addition to machine learning, Suffescom Solutions also has a goal to be a global leader in blockchain development by 2026.

Some of the highlights from their portfolio include a cryptocurrency trading application with high-end analytics built for Jean Gilles Capital. They also built an eCommerce website for Wristband Buddy that included embedded analytical tools in the website’s dashboard to track business performance. State of the art real-time data analytics also come into play on Kilix, a play-to-earn gaming platform leveraging blockchain and cryptocurrency.

4. Abto Software 

Abto Software

Formed in New York City in 2007, Abto Software Abto Software is a full-service software development shop with significant experience in both AI and machine learning. The company employs over 250 software engineers, while serving a similar number of customers with a client retention rate of 94 percent. They regularly enjoy a status as one of the top rated machine learning development companies on Clutch. In addition to their New York headquarters, Abto also has a satellite office in Ukraine.

The company enjoys a full range of software development expertise, supporting platforms such as .NET, Java, iOS, and Android. They are also well-versed in web development using both PHP and ASP.NET. Their wide-ranging client base includes everything from billion-dollar Fortune 200 companies all the way to emerging startups. The industries they support include healthcare, retail, construction, telecommunications, FinTech, and more.

Machine learning case studies from Abto’s portfolio highlight the company’s expertise in this area. Notably, the company built an AI-powered real estate marketplace platform, leveraging complex ML models to drive accurate housing recommendations. Additionally, Abto crafted a NLP app using machine learning to quickly find information about consumer products’ sustainability, helping users find eco-friendly providers. Finally, the organization also built an AI-powered document classification service for a European company in the construction and engineering sector.

5. Sigmoidal LLC 

Sigmoidal LLC 

Formed in 2016 in Warsaw, Poland, Sigmoidal LLC focuses its operations on AI-powered data analysis and machine learning projects. Over the last 7 years, the company rapidly expanded from a small startup to partnering with global giants, like BP and Novartis. Interestingly, Sigmoidal concentrates on a staff augmentation approach, adding its experienced AI and machine learning teams to help their partners leverage the promise of these transformative technology innovations.

The company positions itself as a design authority in the machine learning space. They boast a production-focused approach while leveraging state of the art design patterns, resulting in higher velocity when it comes production deployments. Laura Rodriguez Gomez, the Data Science Director at Novartis, commented on partnering with Sigmoidal. “Sigmoidal did an excellent job of developing a prototype of an optimization engine to enhance our planning process. The company showed itself not only as a technology provider but also as a valuable business partner,” noted Gomez.

A few highlights from their case study portfolio include a customer support system leveraging NLP and automation, providing a 90 percent reduction in response times. Notably, an AI-powered asset allocation system helped a hedge fund achieve 23 percent higher returns on an annual basis. Finally, check out this document management system using AI that resulted in a 300 percent increase in the document processing rate.

6. Neoteric 


Founded in Gdansk, Poland in 2005, Neoteric shares a measure of solidarity  with the other top-shelf machine learning development shops located in their country. In addition to their highly rated AI practice, the company also crafts interactive web applications, product design, and other forms of bespoke software development. Still, Neoteric’s main focus involves helping their clients foster data-driven decision making by using the power of AI and machine learning.

Natural language processing and the use of OpenAI’s GPT-3 NLP model lies at the heart of Neoteric’s AI practice. The company positions themselves as a partner for companies looking to innovate by adding machine learning to optimize a variety of business processes. In addition to over 100 successful projects with clients located all over the world, the organization also played a leading role in helping to form three startups. In short, they boast an effective and repeatable process of delivering software products for their clients or incubated startup businesses.

Some of the AI-related highlights from the expanding Neoteric portfolio include an AI-powered system to help supply chain risk managers optimize their network operations. Chess aficionados need to explore the company’s work on a 4-player online chess game, leveraging expert AI players and high-end scalability. Finally, Neoteric helped craft a system using AI and predictive models to reduce customer churn for a Polish telecommunications company.

7. STX Next 

STX Next 

Also formed in Poland, this time during 2005 in Poznan, STX Next prides itself as a “Python Powerhouse” with other development experience in mobile apps and interactive websites. Notably, with over 600 employees based in the region, they highlight their status as Europe’s largest Python software development organization. In addition to completing in-house development projects for their client base, they also offer staff augmentation and technology consulting services.

Krzysztof Sopyła, PhD, the company’s Head of Machine Learning and Data Engineering, commented on the benefits their AI practice provides to businesses. “Unlock new possibilities, boost productivity, and automate your business processes using machine learning solutions. Regardless of what industry you operate in, our AI-based solutions can help you achieve higher levels of efficiency and keep ahead of your competition,” noted Sopyła. Some of the other technologies in their arsenal include Python Django, Flask, FastAPI, NodeJS, Angular, ReactJS, and React Native.

A glance at STX Next’s robust portfolio includes a collection of successful projects highlighting the transformative power of machine learning. Of special note is an AI-powered platform for content quality assurance for the New York-based marketing communications company, Wunderman Thompson. Additionally, Seerene provides CIOs with a machine learning platform, to help them better manage their project teams and codebase. Finally, check out Enroly CAS SHIELD, an application leveraging machine learning that helps universities handle applications from prospective students.

8. Nexocode


A software development firm with a strong focus on artificial intelligence, Nexocode, located in Krakow, Poland, began its operations in 2017. In a relatively short time, they earned a status as one of the top AI and machine learning shops in the world, according to Clutch. Their client base includes startups, but also some of the top technology companies on the planet, most notably Google. The company’s software engineers boast language skills in Java, JavaScript, Kotlin, C#, TypeScript, and Python, while also offering custom AI development and MLOps services.

Nexocode provides clients with an iterative development methodology known as an AI Design Sprint. This approach involves an intensive two-day session where clients meet directly with Nexocode’s AI engineers and designers to identify potential AI use cases to solve pressing business problems or leverage new opportunities. Christian Merkwirth, AI Lead at client FLYR noted: “Nexocode's AI Design Sprint is a great framework enabling companies to move from AI aspirations to business outcomes. With these tailored workshops, you can bring together your stakeholders, learn about AI, spot new opportunities, and take your solutions to the next step of implementation.”

Some of the highlights from the Nexocode portfolio include an AI-powered system for social media that leverages NLP to extract interesting ideas from books and articles and recommends them to users. Notably, an optimized delivery platform for the logistics industry uses a machine learning model and predictive analytics. Additionally, another interesting predictive analytics use-case powers batch processing in the pharmaceutical sector.



A software development shop based in Tallinn, Estonia, ELEKS serve as the veterans on this list of the top machine learning development companies, being formed in 1991. In addition to their AI and machine learning practice, the organization provides clients with a wide range of services, including full-cycle custom application development, product design, proof of concept building, and more. Notably, with this full palate of service offerings, the company employs over 2,000 technology professionals, with satellite offices in Chicago, Las Vegas, London, Toronto, Berlin, Ajman, Zürich, Tokyo, Al Jubail and Ukraine. 

The company’s AI and machine learning services include building and training ML models, natural language processing, deep learning neural networks, conversational AI-powered chatbots, and more. They support clients in a wide array of industries with AI and machine learning development, such as logistics, agriculture, retail, finance, and healthcare. The ELEKS team works with their clients to identify specific pain points able to be solved by a bespoke AI-powered application seamlessly integrated into their production software assets. 

ELEKS specifically highlights a few case studies on their website illustrating the positive impact their machine learning solutions made for clients. For example, they implemented a predictive analytics solution for the car rental company Russmann that forecasts customer demand with 95 percent accuracy; the company enjoyed a three percent boost in profitability as a result. Additionally, the ELEKS data science team also crafted a machine learning model as the heart of a predictive visualization tool that tracks and forecasts current and future CO₂ emissions across the globe.  

10. InData Labs  

InData Labs  

Founded in Nicosia, Cyprus in 2014, InData Labs focuses its operational efforts squarely in the related realms of data science and AI-powered software solutions. Notably, company founder, Marat Karpeko gained valuable experience in data analytics when building a long career in the video game industry. InData Labs employs over 80 data scientists, software engineers, designers, and other technology professionals with over 150 successfully completed projects. In addition to their Cyprus headquarters, the organization also has satellite offices in Lithuania and the United States. 

The company’s mission statement involves helping clients “of all sizes all over the world to get valuable insights into data, automate repetitive tasks, enhance performance, add AI-driven features, and prevent cost overruns.” Simply stated, they help businesses benefit from a digital transformation powered by AI and machine learning. They also boast extensive experience in Big Data analysis, allowing their clients to glean the actionable information hidden within their data assets. As such, they regularly enjoy a status as one of Clutch’s top artificial intelligence businesses. 

Some of the highlights from the InData Labs portfolio include a machine learning model used for NLP to extract relevant information from job listings for a client in higher education. The IoT continues to be an emerging source of real-time customer data, with an InData solution for a food supply management business providing instantaneous data analytics to optimize their supply chain. Finally, this machine learning solution provides customer sentiment analytics for an eCommerce business by analyzing the text within online reviews. 

If you’re looking to build machine learning and AI software to improve your business, organize your data, and make more intelligent decisions, contact NineTwoThree. Our machine learning software development experience can help transform your business.

NineTwoThree Staff
NineTwoThree Staff
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