Hire AI Implementation Experts to Produce a  Strategy Plan with Proven ROI

Payback your investment in AI in as little as 4 months. NineTwoThree has 7 years of implementing dozens of AI transformations for clients in various industries, we’ll build a roadmap of how to integrate AI to achieve your business goals.
Starting at $25,000

A Measurable Strategy
& Implementation Plan In 6 Weeks

Empower your organization with cutting-edge AI capabilities tailored to your unique needs.
Our comprehensive AI implementation services offer:
Strategic Planning: Align your AI strategy with business objectives and drive digital transformation with our tailored strategic planning sessions.
Efficient Data Management: Unlock the full potential of your data assets with streamlined data discovery, organization, and governance practices.
User-Centric Solutions: Enhance user acceptance and adoption through user-centric AI solutions tailored to your organization's workflows and requirements.
Tangible Results: Achieve tangible results with our Proof of Concept (POC) development, providing evidence of AI's potential to drive value and innovation.
Continuous Improvement: Ensure continuous improvement and innovation with ongoing monitoring, optimization, and refinement of AI models.
Experience the transformative power of AI with NineTwoThree. Let's embark on your AI journey together.

Work with the Top-Ranked AI Firm from Boston

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Work with the Top-Ranked
AI Firm from BostonWork with the Top-Ranked AI Firm from Boston

Your AI Experts

Andrew Amann & Pavel Kirillov have built 14 startups (4 acquisitions) and 75 products together. Over the past 7 years they have invested significant time exploring AI and have built an AI playbook that can be implemented at any company, from startup to enterprise. Andrew has a supply chain background with multiple US patents, and Pavel worked in big retail prediction analytics - making them a perfect pair to improve workflows with digital technology with AI.

Successful AI Implementations

7 Large-Language Model driven products and counting.
Pair your industry knowledge with our AI expertise to innovate fast.
We can run AI in any part of your business.
7 Large-Language Model driven products and counting.

Pair your industry knowledge with our AI expertise to innovate fast.

We can run AI in any part of your business.
We built Swing Detection using Apples ML Kit allowing golfers to improve their game without a coach.
Analysis of a trillion parts to predict which website traffic would result in a future purchase order.
Quality Control the communication between mechanics and work orders to ensure vehicle repairs are accurate and complete. ROI of implementation in a few months.
Quality Control the communication between mechanics and work orders to ensure vehicle repairs are accurate and complete. ROI of implementation in a few months.
As SimpliSafe’s chosen design and innovation partner, NineTwoThree combined real-time camera motion detection and AI powered alerts to build the product strategy and UI/UX design of the Android and iOS mobile apps, Live Guard Agent monitoring web app, and QA web app.
Orchestrated a massive database of 40 Million datapoints to predict which houses in the United States will be sold each month with 70% accuracy.
Infer user intent for Honda, Ford and Toyota from historical user patterns to determine which customers are ready for a sale.
ROI in 2 months.
Reduced the creation time for a Prison Sentence Report from days to minutes returning the full technology implementation investment in 4 months.
Created a conversational bot using OpenAI between new clients and sales agents to increase conversions by 12% resulting in $5,000,000 cost savings.

Our 6 Week Playbook

Come on the journey with us

Assessment and Opportunity Identification

NineTwoThree will meet over the phone to assess the current digital state of your company to uncover areas in which AI could be adopted. We work with your stakeholders to understand what KPI we will measure success by. Are we saving costs? Predicting Sales? Reducing Headcount? We need to know the “why” to predict the “how.” We’ve built 150 projects for 75 clients and the ones that have succeeded knew this answer BEFORE they started.

Strategic Workshops

We will meet your stakeholders in person or virtually and leverage our AI Strategy Framework to prioritize initiatives and drive digital transformation. The goal of the workshops is to define clear objectives, metrics, and implementation plans to guide the enterprise's AI journey effectively.

Data Discovery & Understanding

Our data scientists and ML engineers will analyze your data samples and meet your Engineering team and Subject Matter Experts to make sure we can find important information in your files. We understand the importance of security, apply user permissions, and ensure privacy at all costs.


NineTwoThree will start running rapid experiments to prove that AI can solve the proposed problem with the current data. The insights gathered from this testing will be reported to the domain experts to understand if the machine can properly interpret the results. Through this iterative approach we begin to discover what is possible - and what is hard.

Workflow Analysis & Scoping

After determining that your dataset is workable and has predictive powers we collaborate with the stake holders on how AI can be integrated to 80% of the current workflow. We will define the remaining 20% to a later sprint.

Technical Report &
Milestone Planning

Finally, we gather what we have learned together over the last few weeks and summarize our findings in a technical report. We will prepare a roadmap laying out the proposed development phases of the project with timelines, milestones, and ballpark costs.

This very detailed analysis ensures you (and your stakeholders) that the project has potential to communicate the budget. We tie our findings into YOUR KPIs to ensure that the project can gain funding.

Previous NineTwoThree AI Strategy Reports have been used to raise $15 Million dollars for one client, fund a project that returns $375k per month on a $125k initiative, and solves for one of the most challenging political integrations to date. It has extreme value. Call us today.

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