Top 10 IoT Development Agencies for 2023

Top 10 IoT Development Agencies for 2023
The top IoT software development agencies for 2023 delivering IoT consumer apps, Industrial Internet of Things, and other IoT applications.

After nearly 20 years of potential, it appears the Internet of Things (IoT) is finally making a significant impact in the business world. While home automation and the smart home concept slowly grow in popularity, intriguing IoT use cases are also emerging in healthcare, agriculture, logistics, retail, and manufacturing.

One of the biggest gamechangers ushered in by the IoT in business involves the generation of data. For example, it allows companies to leverage real-time data analytics powered by machine learning to glean actionable insights on consumer behavior in brick and mortar retail stores. So if your organization has an intriguing idea for the IoT and needs technical know-how to develop an develop an IoT device management app, check out these profiles of the top IoT development agencies in the field.

1. NineTwoThree Studio

NineTwoThree Studio

NineTwoThree Studio began its operations in Boston in 2012, formed by the team of Andrew Amann and Pavel Kirillov. The company boasts a keen mix of top-shelf software development chops, especially in the areas of mobile development, interactive web design, and the IoT. At the same time, their agency builder venture studio operational model provides them with significant experience turning intriguing business ideas into successful digital ventures, assisting startups in their early operations as they transform into thriving businesses. They also perform project work for third-party businesses in a variety of industries. 

As one of the top Internet of Things development companies for 2022 according to Clutch, NineTwoThree also boasts extensive experience building IoT solutions for clients. As noted earlier, their operations as a venture studio agency builder position them as a great option as a IoT development partner for startups and new product ideas. Their operational approach provides the company the flexibility to partner with a variety of businesses, no matter their industry sector.

Perusing NineTwoThree’s robust portfolio offers an array of interesting IoT solutions, including Hydrofinity, a state of the art platform, including hardware and a mobile app, which greatly reduces water use in the commercial laundry industry.  Additionally, the Dorel Baby Monitor platform includes remote cameras and a mobile app to allow parents to check in on their baby on a 24/7 basis. Another environmentally friendly IoT platform, Xerostech lets users check on the water usage of washing machines remotely, including a state of the art reporting dashboard for the web and mobile apps.  

2. intent 


Another example of the top-shelf software development shops in Poland, intent began its operations in 2008, with its headquarters located in Warszawa. In addition to the IoT, the company boasts strong product design and engineering capabilities and also builds software, including mobile apps and cloud-based platforms. intent’s robust client list includes some legendary companies in the audiophile space, including BOSE and McIntosh. Company CEO Kacper Sulisz’s mission statement identifies himself in the following fashion: “Leader at heart. Technical. DIY. Curious. Always Hungry.”

Once again, intent’s mix of top-shelf capabilities in both hardware and software positions the organization as a leading IoT solution developer, as evidenced by their high Clutch rating. In short, the company specializes in developing connected devices, including the software used to manage and operate them. Notably, they also boast advanced Bluetooth expertise which helps when building modern interconnected systems. Not surprisingly, their employees include talented developers, engineers, QA specialists, UI/UX designers, and project managers.

Highlights from intent’s portfolio include the first FDA-approved hearing aids to be sold over the counter for BOSE, leveraging an IoT architecture and mobile app control for iOS and Android. Audiophiles need to check out the IoT-powered car audio solution intent built for stereo legends, McIntosh. Additionally, the team helped build the BOSE Sleep platform, an IoT platform for wellness that allowed intent to leverage their skills in wearables and Bluetooth. 



The number of Polish software development companies located near the top of various Clutch rankings makes one wonder if Poland is becoming an Eastern European Silicon Valley. Formed in 2009 in Lublin, Poland, EMBIQ enjoys a strong focus on building solutions for the IoT. Additionally, their practice includes mobile app and custom software development, but 60 percent of their projects involve the IoT. Needless to say, any IoT shop needs exceptional mobile app development skills since those devices regularly get used to manage these types of systems. 

Since their founding, EMBIQ completed over 300 projects for clients located in Europe and the United States. Company CEO, Alexey Shabalovskiy leads over 50 employees, including developers, QA engineers, project managers, and support staff. A full-stack development shop, EMBIQ thrives on projects for businesses involving locations, positioning, and asset tracking. Company CTO, Bartłomiej Kaczor , commented on their approach. “Our mission is to produce custom software based on the newest technologies and expert knowledge. An integrated and cooperating community is our key to success,” said Kaczor.

Some of the highlights from the EMBIQ portfolio include the software and hardware development of IoT MVPs for an onsite data intelligence solution. Another intriguing IoT solution includes smart sensors used for the real-time monitoring of parking spaces. Another slightly similar IoT platform is an active pedestrian crossing informing drivers when people are crossing the street. 

4. AJProTech


Founded in 2014 in the Los Angeles area, AJProTech focuses its operations on consumer electronics, the IoT, and mobile app development. Like many other companies on this list, they boast a client list ranging from the emerging startup all the way to Fortune 500 enterprises. The company prides itself on taking projects from an initial spark of an idea to its eventual mass production. Over its relatively short history, AJProTech’s 55 completed projects led to over 300,000 units manufactured with over $40 million in overall sales. 

The company currently employs 35 professional engineers among its staff. Their team helps clients by providing a variety of services depending on the specific project lifecycle. These include feasibility studies, hardware engineering, product and mechanical design, as well as software development, including mobile. Needless to say, this mix of hardware and software chops positions the company to do excellent work for the IoT. CEO Alex Gudilko noted the company’s mission involves empowering businesses with their innovative product design and development capabilities.

Highlights from AJProTech’s portfolio includes a Bluetooth lock for the IoT as well as mobile apps for iOS and Android to control it. Additionally, an IoT-enabled sanitizing control system improves hygiene in hospitals and medical offices.  An occupancy tracking mat provides another intriguing product example for the IoT that leverages a LORA interface for maintenance-free operation, illustrating AJProTech’s capabilities in both hardware and software. 



Formed in 2014 in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan, INTEGRA SOURCES quickly grew from a two-person team to a thriving software development shop with over 50 employees. In addition to crafting software, the company also provides hardware design and development services to their client base. This mix positions the company to develop IoT solutions that mix hardware devices, embedded systems, and the software used to manage them. As such, they rank near the top of Clutch’s list of the top IoT development agencies.

INTEGRA’s projects tend to focus in the areas of consumer electronics, wearable healthcare and logistics devices, industrial automation, power electronics, and of course, IoT platforms. The shop also boasts strong capabilities in AI and machine learning which dovetails nicely as part of their IoT solutions. The company’s client base spans the globe, ranging from startups to enterprises in Europe, the United States, Australia, and Asia. Their IoT practice serves the areas of logistics, healthcare, agriculture, education, media, and smart homes.

Some of the more intriguing IoT solutions in INTEGRA SOURCES portfolio include a cloud-based IoT platform for monitoring solar energy consumption in smart homes, leveraging AWS as well as mobile app and web development. Additionally, a wearable medical bracelet patients use to request help in a hospital or nursing home uses an IoT network architecture. Finally, an IoT platform helps an enterprise with asset tracking and logistics support. 

6. Intuz


Formed in San Francisco in 2008, Intuz provides clients with a full range of software development services,including mobile, web, and the IoT. Of course, building solutions for the Internet of Things remains the top focus for the company, making up nearly two-thirds of their project work. In addition to their San Francisco headquarters, Intuz also has two satellite offices, in San Ramon, California and Ahmedabad, India. The company’s client base ranges from emerging businesses all the way to top enterprises, like Bosch and Holiday Inn.

The company boasts a software development methodology that combines the best from the venerable Waterfall with more modern processes, like Scrum and Kanban. Their IoT skills include developing proofs of concept, embedded firmware, and mobile apps on iOS and Android. They also build factory-ready solutions for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Intuz also supports the Matter protocol for building secure IoT ecosystems. 

Some of the highlights from the Intuz IoT portfolio include a fuel station operations automation IoT solution for a top oil marketing company. Additionally, an IoT smart lock serves the expanding home automation market.  Finally, another consumer-level IoT solution built for a German pump manufacturer automates equipment used in swimming pools, including the web and mobile apps used to remotely manage them. 

7. Indeema Software Inc.  

Indeema Software Inc.  

Lviv, Ukraine hosts the technical office for Indeema Software Inc., a top ranked IoT development agency formed in 2014. The company’s headquarters currently resides in Seattle. Their software development practice includes a strong concentration on the web and mobile apps used to control remote devices in an IoT platform. The organization also performs cloud infrastructure design for clients, as well as embedded and firmware development for hardware devices. That latter capability also informs Indeema’s work on IoT projects. 

Indeema’s IoT solutions serve a wide range of industry sectors, as well as consumer-level smart home applications. The company specializes on clients in healthcare, energy (including solar and wind providers), automotive, and digital manufacturing. They successfully completed 41 projects for clients in the previous year and enjoy a 96 percent client satisfaction rate. Their productivity and overall excellence remains leading reasons Indeema regularly ranks on Clutch’s list of the top IoT development agencies.

The company’s portfolio boasts a host of intriguing IoT projects supporting a variety of business sectors. For example, the IoT platform, Alice, allows homeowners to monitor and manage their consumption of heating oil. Maggy – pairing a mobile app and IoT device – helps users ensure they maintain proper social distancing, a valuable function as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to wane. Finally, Dog Cloud is an IoT-enabled bed for dogs that provides therapeutic massage functionality, helping pets reduce their issues with joint pain. 

8. Netizens


Founded in Katowice, Poland in 1999, Netizens provides clients with a range of software development services, with around half of their project work focused on the IoT. Over their nearly 24-year history, the company successfully completed over 1500 solutions. Like other IoT agencies, Netizens’ skills in mobile and web app development inform the software they craft for managing devices on their IoT projects. 

The company boasts a full technology stack when considering their embedded device capabilities on an IoT project. The technologies used include the following: C, Embedded C++, Python, AI, ARM, Keil, KiCAD, LoRa, Zephyr, and Bluetooth Low Energy. Obviously, they also possess high-level skills in the tools used for front-end mobile and web development, such as Java, Swift, Objective-C, JavaScript, React.js, and more. Their client base includes some of the top businesses in the world: McDonalds, Novartis, Lexus, and more.

Some of the interesting IoT solutions that stand out in the Netizens portfolio include SpaceKotty, an IoT-powered intelligent cat litter box that tracks feline usage patterns, in addition to their weight. Aura is an IoT platform that detects air pollution as well as functions as a weather station. Finally, Sova effectively functions as an IoT-enabled virtual watchperson with its array of motion detectors and cameras.  

9. Grinn


Wroclaw, Poland serves as the headquarters for Grinn, a software development agency focusing on the IoT that formed in 2008. Notably, Wroclaw is considered to be Poland’s technology hub, and the Grinn team maintains strong connections with two world-renown universities located in the city. Of course, as a top ranked IoT shop, the company also boasts skills in mechanical product design, electronics design, embedded software development, and wireless connectivity.

Not surprisingly, IoT solution development remains a strong focus of the team at Grinn, despite providing other types of technology development services to their clients. The company website commented on this aspect of their mission: “The Internet of Things is transforming everyday life, bringing new capabilities through connectivity. At Grinn Global, we’re at the heart of making the Internet of Things a reality, applying our vision and insight to help our clients launch powerful and effective IoT solutions."

A few of the IoT solution case studies from Grinn’s large portfolio include the Airtame POE Adapter, a wireless IoT device that performs screen sharing and digital signage functions for businesses and schools. The Ambitlocker is an IoT device serving as a radio and Internet controlled padlock. Finally, WUSAA enjoys a status as the first IoT-enabled intelligent parking timer, suitable for commercial parking lots.  



A relatively new company, SAPHI, located in Warners Bay, Australia, began its operations in 2017. Interestingly, SAPHI highlights itself as a provider of “Tech Innovation as a Service” with a strong focus on tech-agnostic integration, combining software and hardware solutions able to be easily integrated in their clients’ existing systems. While they provide other software and hardware services, half of their project work resides in the emerging IoT space. They also specialize in robotics, custom electronics, Big Data, as well as AI and machine learning. 

The company’s client base includes many of the top businesses, universities, and government agencies located in Australia. Their business clients largely operate in the areas of mining, utilities, and heavy industry. As champions of an agnostic technology approach, they focus on integrating whatever tech solutions meet the underlying needs of their client base, no matter the vendor. This flexibility serves SAPHI well when considering the still-emerging sector of the Internet of Things. 

SAPHI’s portfolio includes some interesting and unique IoT solutions. One example involves an AI-powered smart traffic system, that analyzes the flow of people and vehicles within a city, while minimizing the number of required IoT devices. Additionally, SAPHI serves as the smart city vendor for Newcastle, Australia, crafting a scalable platform to improve the quality of data used in governmental decision making. Also worthy of note is a remote controlled smart irrigation system built for an Australian agribusiness company. 

If you have an interesting idea for an IoT platform, this article provides a host of suitable partners. Consider working with NineTwoThree, as our experience with IoT software development, business acumen, and entrepreneurial spirit ensures we help transform your idea into a great product. Connect with us at your earliest convenience. 

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