Top 10 Mobile App Development Agencies in 2023

Top 10 Mobile App Development Agencies in 2023
Overview of the top mobile app development agencies in the industry to help navigate the mobile app market.

The mobile app market continues to expand as businesses increasingly leverage the technology to keep employees connected to their work. Additionally, other use-cases abound in health, entertainment, and gaming. Smartphones continue to enjoy a wide adoption rate, but tablets and wearables also contribute to the mobile market, with the latter platform especially making inroads with exercise and healthcare apps. 

Apple and Google also continue to be the preeminent OS developers in the mobile space, with their dominance expected to continue for the foreseeable future. Notably, compelling mobile apps regularly appear on both platforms’ app marketplaces. So check out this overview of the top mobile app development agencies in the industry. Use this information to find a potential partner if your business has a compelling idea for a mobile app. 

1. NineTwoThree Studio

NineTwoThree studio

Formed in 2012 by Andrew Amann and Pavel Kirillov, Boston’s NineTwoThree Studio boasts top-shelf enterprise mobile development chops combined with expertise working with clients in multiple industries. Their apps regularly target the iOS and Android platforms, and they also craft software for the desktop, web, embedded systems and the IoT. Additionally, their team boasts significant experience transforming promising business ideas into successful digital ventures, helping various startups build thriving businesses. 

Notably, the company received the honor of being named one of the top mobile app development companies for 2022 on Clutch, the online resource for businesses looking for software development providers. One of their mobile apps built for a startup quickly went viral, leading to over 600,000 downloads with the emerging business being acquired by an industry giant. Additionally, their expertise as a venture studio and agency builder makes them a perfect choice as a mobile app development partner for startups and new business ideas. In the end, the company enjoys the flexibility to work for emerging businesses all the way to large enterprises. 

Some of the leading mobile apps in NineTwoThree’s portfolio include Grouped, a platform allowing businesses to connect online with their customer base without relying on ad-dominated social media networks. Hydrofinity is a state of the art platform with a mobile app which greatly reduces water use in the commercial laundry industry.  Dishare, an app for iOS and Android provides users with agnostic platform for food and restaurant delivery. 

2. Atomic Object 

Atomic Object 

With headquarters in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Atomic Object enjoys a status as one of the top mobile development shops in the United States. Their portfolio also includes applications for the web, desktop, and Internet of Things (IoT), with over half of their work focused in the mobile domain. Notably, the company enjoys a diverse workforce, with woman making up nearly 40 percent of their employees. Atomic provides significant professional development opportunities to their staff, spending $235K annually on continuing education. 

Founded by Carl Erickson in 2001, the company’s mission statement involves “reclaiming the craft of software.” Erickson noted Atomic Object leveraged Agile and iterative software development from their earliest stages. “We wanted to make really good software that people would actually use. And to do that by putting the human element back in software development and honoring it as a craft. From the start, we embraced new processes like Agile that gave power and responsibility back to individual craftsmen (and craftswomen). And we built the principle of testing constantly into our DNA,” said Erickson.

Some of their top mobile app accomplishments include, MESSA, which aims to simplify the complexities of health insurance benefits, ArtPrize, the largest independent art competition in the world, and Quell Relief, which leverages a wearable and smartphone to provide users respite from chronic pain without relying on drugs.  The Deluxe Banker’s Dashboard app also illustrates Atomic’s skills designing a useable iPad app around a complex information architecture. 

3. You are launched

You are launched

You are launched combines the functions of a startup studio with a top-shelf mobile app development agency. Formed in 2016 in Dnipro, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine, by Max Kuznetsov, the company leverages modern software development methodologies, especially Lean Startup, to provide startups with an efficient process focused on turning a great idea into transformative mobile app. They also provide emerging businesses with a prototyping service to help them secure venture capital funding. 

In addition to building apps for the iOS and Android platforms, the company also crafts interactive websites. As such they boast strong UI and UX skills that are applicable to both websites and apps. However, over 60 percent of their work involves mobile app development. As noted earlier, the team uses Lean Startup as their methodology of choice, positioning themselves as evangelists on the framework. Simply put, they feel Agile itself to be unsuitable for startups. 

Some of the highlights from their mobile app portfolio include FoodFuels, a dietary mobile app providing real dieticians with 24/7 support, personalized meal platforms, and recipes that are easy to make at home. YogiBirth provides soon-to-be mothers with a yoga-based approach to child delivery that also includes meditation and educational resources. Finally, Ecorial uses a mobile app platform to provide the means to memorialized loved ones by geo-marking wherever their ashes were scattered.  

4. TechAhead


Formed in 2009 in India, TechAhead currently makes its base in the Los Angeles area with offices in both locations. Led by CEO and Director, Vishak Kaushik, the company strives to “breathe life into entrepreneurial ideas, infuse creativity and innovation into existing digital and mobile platforms, and unleash disruption by changing the status quo.” While TechAhead also crafts software for the web, IoT, and desktop, its main focus lies squarely within the mobile domain. 

TechAhead boasts a robust history of making a positive impact for clients, including over 1500 successfully completed projects over its history. While its client base includes businesses of all sizes, it especially enjoys helping startups and new businesses build successful organizations. In fact, CEO Kaushik offered advice to entrepreneurs in a recent interview with Forbes. “Risk it all and always focus on success. Don’t quit in between, no matter what,” urged Kaushik. 

The company’s focus on crafting top-shelf for iOS and Android is evidenced by a variety of rewards and recognition, including Clutch naming TechAhead as a top mobile app development company for 2022. Some of the mobile highlights from their portfolio include a Formula 1 racing app for ESPN. Foodies connect with local restaurants for online ordering with the iOS app, Tabz. TechAhead also worked with the coffee giant, Starbucks to build a mobile app on iOS and Android for their rewards program.

5. BlueLabel


New York City’s BlueLabel prides itself on crafting exceptional mobile software solutions for businesses ranging from startups to the Fortune 500. Formed in 2011 by Bobby Gill and Jordan Gurrieri, the company also boasts satellite offices in Seattle and San Francisco. Gurrieri currently serves as the organization’s CEO with Gill in the Chief Architect role. Like many other companies on this list, BlueLabel builds software for a variety of platforms, with a supermajority of its project work focused on mobile app development. 

From a methodology standpoint, BlueLabel leverages the Design Sprint approach, modeled on Google Venture’s framework. This approach involves the company interacting with their client in a flexible manner over 7 sessions scheduled for a 2 to 3 week period. The project timeline also includes design, branding, development, and a robust interactive testing process. BlueLabel also provides each client with post-launch support. 

Some of the top examples of BlueLabel’s exceptional mobile app development include a combination app and website for the 20th Century artist Sol LeWitt, built in tandem with Microsoft. Mesa is a hardware kit with mobile apps for iOS and Android with the goal of helping commercial buildings reduce their energy costs. The MLB Players App is another solution built for mobile and the web allowing major league players to manage their own careers both on and off the field.  

6. Algoworks


Residing in the Silicon Valley community of Sunnyvale – famous as the birthplace of Atari – Algoworks began its operations in 2006, formed by Ajeet Singh, Pratyush Kumar, and Rachit Agarwal. The company also has offices in Toronto and Noida, India. Notably, Algorithm boasts a customer retention rate of 99 percent, with clients located across the globe in the United States, UK, Europe, East Asia, South America, and the Middle-East. The organization currently employs over 630 employees at their headquarters and various satellite offices. 

In addition to mobile development, which makes up 80 percent of its service offerings, Algoworks also leverages DevOps for both its internal software processes as well as for business clients. These client-facing offerings also include content management systems, customer relationship management, and software product engineering. Algorithm also enjoys partnerships with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, and Salesforce. Still, building top-shelf mobile apps for the iOS and Android platforms remains the focus of its business.  

Mobile app development highlights from Algoworks’ portfolio include an app for Spotivity allowing children (and/or their parents) to enroll themselves in afterschool activities. OrthoPic, provides dental practitioners with an app facilitating the sharing of dental imagery in HD quality while also following HIPPA guidelines. MyJobAngel is an iOS app helping candidates find work by proactive filtering, ensuring they only see opportunities matching their skills, experience, and professional goals. 

7. Hyperlink InfoSystem

Hyperlink InfoSystem

Located in Ahmedabad, India, with satellite offices in New York City, Sunnyvale, and London, Hyperlink InfoSystem ranks as one of the top mobile app development firms in the world, according to Clutch. Formed in 2011 by Harnil Oza, the company quickly established itself as a top development shop with happy clients located across the globe. In addition to a 50 percent focus on mobile development, Hyperlink also boasts a full range of IT service offerings, including software engineering for the web, desktop, the IoT, and other platforms.

Their mobile application teams support iOS, Android, and hybrid app development, leveraging technologies and languages like Flutter, React Native, Kotlin, Swift, and Xamarin. They boast skills with the latest features increasingly found in mobile apps, including Blockchain, AI and machine learning, 5G networking, augmented and virtual reality, and more. They even have experience crafting mobile apps for the foldable smartphones gaining popularity in the industry. 

Some of the top mobile apps from their portfolio include a pizza delivery app for Papa Johns. The Art of Living meditation app helps users reduce stress and improve their overall well-being. Finally, the Vocal Coach app provides singers with interactive voice training, quickly becoming one of the leading music apps on the App Store. It’s a robust portfolio with many examples of top shelf mobile apps making an impact on the iOS and Android platforms.  

8. Droids On Roids

Droids On Roids

Located in Wroclaw, Poland, Droids On Roids is a full-service mobile app development company building native and cross-platform apps for a variety of clients. Co-founded in 2011 by Wojciech Szwajkiewicz, the company also boasts satellite offices in London and San Francisco. They largely focus on their mobile app development practice, with 70 percent of their projects targeting iOS, Android, and occasionally other mobile platforms. 

Szwajkiewicz, who also serves as the company’s CEO, commented on their business philosophy and the reason behind their unique moniker. “We call ourselves "Droids" because we enjoy being down to earth and straight forward with people. In this case, “Roids” is our passion for creating the best possible products for our Clients and that is why we might be the Droids On Roids you are looking for,” said Szwajkiewicz. The organization currently employs over 80 developers, designers, testers, and managers with a track record of hundreds of successfully completed mobile projects for their global client base.

Some of the highlights from their growing mobile app portfolio include CPOT – Construction App For Road Maintenance for a client located in the Nordics. The CCC Shoes and Bags app reveals the company’s chops in crafting a mobile eCommerce app for Europe’s largest footwear retailer. HoneyBee provides users with a mobile app suitable for managing their personal finances, with a focus on earning advances on their next paycheck. 

9. The NineHertz

The NineHertz

Founded in 2008 as a full service IT consulting company, The NineHertz quickly garnered a reputation as a top-shelf mobile app development shop. The company formed in Jaipur, India and boasts satellite offices in the United States, UK, Canada, Australia, Israel, and the UAE. In addition to their mobile software engineering focus, NineHertz also crafts interactive websites and provides clients with other related IT consulting services. They also have expertise in a variety of emerging technologies, like IoT, AR/VR, blockchain, Big Data, iBeacon, and PWA.

Their mobile app development services obviously include building native apps for iOS and Android, as well as hybrid cross-platform options. They leverage modern app building technologies, including Flutter, Ionic, Xamarin, and React Native when crafting both games and enterprise app solutions for their global client base. The NineHertz also boasts an emerging practice building modern apps for wearables, including smartwatches and fitness trackers. They also have expertise in integrating their mobile apps with a variety of modern APIs, including Google Maps, Facebook, Amazon, Shopify, and more.

Some of the highlights of The NineHertz mobile app portfolio include a rental property management platform including both mobile apps and an interactive website. Additionally, they crafted an online store management system for iOS and Android that effectively works as a retail-as-a-service provider. On the gaming side, NineHertz also crafted a unique pizza maker mobile game app that also supports virtual reality headsets. 

10. Cheesecake Labs

Cheesecake Labs

Formed in Silicon Valley in 2013, Cheesecake Labs began as a small shop with four developers and quickly grew into one of the top mobile app development companies in the world. Company CEO Marcelo Gracietti now leads an organization with over 100 employees and hundreds of successful software products. In addition to their mobile app development focus, Cheesecake also builds interactive web applications for clients as well as offering UI/UX, information architecture, IoT, wearable, and other development and consulting services. 

Gracietti commented on his company’s approach to serving their clients with top-shelf software development services. “Cheesecake Labs is a top-notch software design & engineering company. We know the process, we leverage the latest technologies and we empower a multidisciplinary team of 100+ designers, engineers, and project managers to collaborate with you and deliver delightful solutions,” noted Gracietti. Some examples of the company’s growing client base include Stellar, BMW, Singularity University, Mutual of Omaha, Mercado Libre, AES, Sodexo, and PepsiCo.

The notable highlights from Cheesecake Labs’ large portfolio include a mobile app helping the food service company Sodexo manage the vehicle fleet used in their supply chain operations. Additionally, an interesting app for Thaw combines a footwear-embedded IoT sensor and mobile app to combat the adverse effects of cold feet. The company also built a mobile app and interactive website for Singularity University connecting their entrepreneur user base with various domain experts with a goal of solving a variety of humanity’s current problems.  

If you have a compelling idea for a mobile app and need to find a partner to help craft it, consider one of the variety of talented mobile app development shops on this list. NineTwoThree especially offers a unique mix of technical know-how and business acumen, including experience working with clients ranging from startups to Fortune 500 enterprises. Connect with us to discuss the possibilities of a partnership!

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