NineTwoThree Breaks into Top 500 Ranking for Fastest Growing

NineTwoThree Breaks into Top 500 Ranking for Fastest Growing
NineTwoThree Studio is recognized for our approach to mobile and web application development through client-funded ventures and portfolio startups

NineTwoThree Digital Ventures, an innovative team of web and mobile application product designers and software engineers, was named at the ranking of #351 for fastest-growing private companies in America in the renowned Inc. 5000 list. This honor comes on the heels of an astounding 1,344% growth over the past three years as the company nears their 10-year anniversary in 2022.

NineTwoThree Digital Ventures started in 2012 with Co-Founders Andrew Amann and Pavel Kirillov. They used their experience building and launching digital products to offer web and mobile application development to their clients. Their name comes from the early days of the business when the founders worked from 9pm to 3am, outside the hours of their normal day jobs. The Co-Founders published an inside view on their journey towards entrepreneurial success over the past decade in a new blog post.

“After starting with just Pavel and I, we’ve worked for the past 10 years to scale a team and grow relationships with people around the world,” said CEO and Co-Founder, Andrew Amann. “Finding key partners and focusing on long-term client relationships, with whom we can increase our services and solutions we build, has been key to our recent growth and will continue to be a driver as we expand.”

NineTwoThree Team Ahead of Fully Remote Work Trend By a Decade, Scales By Developing Mobile & Web App Projects as Companies to Launch and Grow

The Inc. 5000 Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America list ranks businesses by revenue, median growth, jobs added, and other factors that determine key businesses and industries to watch. NineTwoThree’s inclusion in the Top 500 represents nearly 10 years of hard work which has culminated in rapid growth for the digital ventures firm.

“We’ve had a remote workforce since the company was founded. The ability to put together development teams and partnerships specific to each new project or venture has always been a differentiator for us,” said Co-Founder and CTO, Pavel Kirillov. “As many companies struggled to adjust to this new reality last year, we were able to maintain business continuity and even provide consultancy to our clients’ development teams as they transitioned to work from home.”

Co-Founders Share Journey on Shift to Managing Digital App Company Portfolio

With a background in launching their own digital ventures, NineTwoThree saw excellent growth when they decided to focus on launching internally funded ventures and using that experience to help guide their clients through the entire venture lifecycle. Compared to their roots as a mobile app development company, NineTwoThree Digital Ventures now helps map business opportunities, designs and builds digital products, and helps their clients scale.

“We went from people building products to people building businesses,” said Amann. “When we stopped working in the business and started working on the business, we saw real potential in our team and saw new opportunities to grow.”

“Reaching the Inc. 5000 list should prove to other private companies that the American dream is alive,” said Kirillov. “You don’t necessarily need venture capital funds or celebrity backers. You just need dedication and a quality team and the results will come.”

About NineTwoThree Digital Ventures

At NineTwoThree Digital Ventures, the team incubates their own ideas and partners with companies looking to seize new business opportunities with clever digital products and services. As technology entrepreneurs, their team demonstrates a passion to learn and understand their partners’ business, the unique value proposition and the specific pain-points and challenges that NineTwoThree can help them solve. The firm is actively boosting its footprint across the industrial, financial, healthcare, last mile delivery, ecommerce, and wellness and other industries, creating products for both the largest brands in the world, as well as fast-growing startups. Since founding the company in 2012, NineTwoThree has worked around the clock to establish a track record of reliably creating value and delivering results for partners and shareholders, breaking into the top 500 fast-growing companies named to the Inc. 5000 list in 2021. Learn more by visiting and follow the brand on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

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