This is NineTwoThree

We're a group of Founders, Inventors, Designers and Engineers. Together we ride the pioneering technology wave. Our relatively small size keeps us fast and nimble. The wealth of accumulated knowledge, experience and talent paired with proven recipes and best practices allows us to spot the opportunity, turn it into a business plan, incubate and grow a business.

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Our principle

Listen, Research, Act

Markets create ideas, rarely the other way around. We listen to what the leaders and insiders have to say and check if people in the market actually want more than currently exists. We research the competitive landscape in an attempt to figure out if gaps in the market provide a viable business opportunity that we can act upon. The principle applies to everything we do - we listen to understand the need, we research to find what already exists and what's missing, when we have a good plan - we act.

Our team

We build relationships based on trust, treat everyone with respect and leverage each other's strengths and talents.

Our community

Networking, learning from other Founders and sharing our own experience keeps us in-check and up-to-date with reality.

Our partners

We're humbled to be called a "partner" by the companies we've worked with. Every day we work hard to be worthy of the word.

What Makes us special

Our Customers and Partners keep coming back for more. We asked them why?

We build technology startups and understand how to apply technology quickly and effectively to transform businesses and create significant returns on investment. The feedback collected helped us identify the areas we're o

Product Strategy

As technology entrepreneurs ourselves, we are excited to learn and understand your business, your unique value proposition, and the specific pain-points and challenges we can help you solve. Customers appreciate our insight.

White Glove Service

Companies focused on growth are too busy to manage their Technology Partner.  We only need a couple of hours every week to catch up, present ideas, get feedback, make decisions and show our progress..

Laser Focused Experts

We double down on a limited set of battle-tested technologies with the largest talent pool and ecosystem to focus on doing only what we do best: creating state-of-the-art mobile and web applications.

High Quality Results

Our partners value predictability of the processes we have created. Our customers return to work with us again because we deliver on our promises with a timeline and budget that can be counted on.

Our Culture

Passion for Digital Ventures

We are a small firm. We like it this way. Our true passion and ambition is to continue launching and growing delightful digital products and services we can be proud of. We stand for quality over quantity. We encourage personal development and professional excellence. Together we get involved, do meaningful work, accept challenges and welcome original ideas.

Right People is real Alchemy

Every new venture we participate in brings a unique set of challenges. The right people turn everything they touch into gold: they will self-organize, ask questions, research, uncover problems, come up with ideas and solutions and will it into existence.

Fit and Healthy Mind

Embarking on a journey of building digital businesses requires mental fitness. NineTwoThree was born a remote company to strike a healthy balance of concentration and relaxation, allowing us to live the best lives, enjoying what we do and whom we spend time with.

Be proud. Stay humble

We value good craftsmanship and focus on build quality. Before releasing something new to the market we always challenge ourselves by asking "Is this the best we can do? Are we going to be proud of this?" We stay honest and humble, and often go back to drawing boards.

We are hiring

Join Our Team

Being a NineTwoThree'er is not easy but is never boring. We have a strong engineering culture and a spirit of a tech startup. Tasks are non-trivial, standards and stakes are high. Motivation to learn and improve is expected. Self discipline and independence are required.


Insight from NineTwoThree

The only constant thing is change. We enjoy sharing the lessons learned from building exciting businesses from the ground up: business take-aways, trends, playbooks and more from the dynamic world of Digital Ventures.