Famous Mobile Apps from Boston

Famous Mobile Apps from Boston
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Mobile development agencies in Boston, such as NineTwoThree, regularly craft compelling digital ventures for iOS, Android, or both.

As one of the country's top areas for mobile apps, Boston has produced many innovative digital ventures. Mobile development agencies in Boston, such as NineTwoThree, regularly develop compelling mobile apps for iOS, Android, or both. 

Check out this list of famous mobile apps from Boston, some of which were developed by some of the top mobile software agencies in Massachusetts. After all, Beantown boasts more than craft beer and great colleges.

#1 Mobile App, Boston: HubSpot CRM 

HubSpot CRM is an entire software suite helping businesses manage contacts, with a goal of turning them into customers. Best of all, HubSpot CRM is free, although more advanced functionality is available in the company’s premium CRM products. In addition to a desktop option, the Boston area company also provides iOS and Android apps for those on the go.

#2 Mobile App, Boston: Drizly

Access to an online liquor store definitely helps the mood during a pandemic. Enter Drizly. Formed in 2012, This Boston-based firm crafted an eCommerce platform focused on alcohol delivery. They typically partner with local alcohol merchants to service that area’s needs. Customers use mobile apps or the Drizly website to make orders. Notably, another viral startup, Uber, acquired Drizly earlier this year for $1.1 billion.

#3 Mobile App, Boston: Kayak

An online travel agency with benefits, Kayak continues to garner customers with its compelling mobile apps as well as a robust travel-related search engine. Their “metasearch” approach helped the company leverage innovative tech to revolutionize the travel industry. The company’s technology HQ resides in Cambridge, MA.  

#4 Mobile App, Boston: TripAdvisor

While TripAdvisor shares travel-related use cases with Kayak, its main focus is crowd-sourced reviews of local hotels, restaurants, and activities for travelers. The company’s website garners billions of visits each year and its mobile app ranks among the most popular travel apps in the industry. The company finds a home in the Boston area in Needham. 

#5 Mobile App, Boston: Dorel 1st Baby Monitor App

Developed here at NineTwoThree Digital Ventures, the Dorel 1st Baby Monitor App provides parents with a reliable baby monitor over WiFi. The entire package includes a camera, microphone, and mobile app. The camera and mic also work in a standalone fashion if necessary. 

HD video quality and great sound highlight the overall app experience. The product won a Family Choice Award, Crisbie, and a National Parenting Seal of Approval. Mobile availability for the app includes the iOS App Store and Google Play. 

If you’re looking for a technology partner in Boston to help with your next mobile app or other digital venture, connect with us at NineTwoThree. A mobile software company in Boston, we boast the talent and insights to successfully bring your idea to the marketplace. Schedule some time with us soon!

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