5 Use Cases for Machine Learning Custom Development

5 Use Cases for Machine Learning Custom Development
Finding a software agency experienced in machine learning custom development is the key for companies looking to bring their idea to the world.

AI and machine learning continue making transformational impacts throughout the business world. A number of intriguing use cases abound, with talented software developers turning these great ideas into compelling digital ventures. Finding a software agency experienced in machine learning custom development is the key for companies looking to bring their idea to the world.

With an eye towards helping you understand the possibilities of this technology innovation, check out these use cases turned into reality by an industry-leading machine learning agency. Use this information to foster your organization’s next inspirational business concept. In the end, making it a reality requires talented machine learning developers.

Suffolk Machine Learning Custom Development

For the construction company Suffolk, the team at NineTwoThree Digital Ventures leveraged its innovative video monitoring system to track and analyze movements at construction sites. This approach combined with state of the art machine learning models to predict potential onsite incidents. Construction workers enjoyed a safer work environment as part of these efforts.  

EVC Maintenance Machine Learning Custom Development

As electric cars become more commonplace, expect new EV charging stations to pop up all over the country. Because of this trend, maintenance of these new stations is now critical. Our machine learning software agency crafted a model analyzing past station behavior and subsequently predicting charging stations at risk of downtime. 

XEROS Washing System Machine Learning Custom Development

The XEROS Washing System uses nylon polymer beads, allowing it to clean laundry with minimal water usage. As an experienced machine learning agency, we built ML models able to identify critical washing system issues before they happen. In a similar manner as EVC, the platform predicts units potentially suffering downtime. 

4G Network Optimizer Machine Learning Custom Development

Wireless network optimization ensures users receive a strong signal while they travel. Our machine learning models work in concert with network anomaly methodology to analyze traffic across the entire network. The model then anticipates traffic demand, allowing for a more efficient usage of network resources, leading to significant cost savings. 

Dorel Machine Learning Custom Development

Dorel helps parents and caregivers monitor sleeping babies by determining when they are waking up. Again, machine learning comes into play by analyzing historical breathing patterns of sleeping infants, with that data powering a unique machine learning model that predicts their awakening. Coincidentally, parents are able to sleep more easily as a result.

If your company has a great idea for a potential digital venture, connect with the team at NineTwoThree Digital Ventures. We employ machine learning developers, iOS developers and Android developers to make your dreams a reality. Contact us soon!

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