Top 10 Enterprise Mobile App Development Agencies

Top 10 Enterprise Mobile App Development Agencies
An overview of the top enterprise mobile app development agencies in the industry. Give your organization the best chance of a successful app project.

If your enterprise has an idea for a compelling mobile app that solves a critical enterprise business problem, you might need to employ a talented enterprise mobile app development team that understands modern app building techniques. Of course, sourcing the necessary programmers becomes difficult when considering the current tech job market favors candidates. Expect a long and ultimately costly staffing process that might put the success and/or profitability of your mobile app concept at risk.

Another option for your company involves partnering with an enterprise mobile app development agency. They provide the software development know-how as well as experience using modern methodologies to ensure your mobile app gets built in a cost-effective manner. Ultimately, it’s the wise approach for ensuring your mobile app makes a positive impact on its user community. 

So let’s take a high-level overview of some of the top enterprise mobile app development agencies in the industry. Use this information to find the right partner for your company’s transformational idea and have the best chance of a successful app project. 

NineTwoThree Studio 

The Boston area’s NineTwoThree Studio combines the latest technical and mobile app development skills with a keen business sense and a deep familiarity with modern software development methodologies. They also boast a strong history of successful mobile apps and new technology platforms, with a client list that includes MIT, Target, Chart Mogul, and Dorel. 

Freshworks Studio

Located in British Columbia but with offices in Seattle, Freshworks Studio enjoys significant experience crafting mobile apps for business. This agency focuses in the digital health and government sectors, in addition to supporting many other industries. They partner with companies ranging from the Fortune 500 to emerging startups. Their portfolio includes work for IBM, TELUS, and Hootsuite. 

Q agency 

Q agency spends 30% of its efforts building mobile apps from its headquarters in Croatia. Leveraging a dedicated team for each project, they support the iOS and Android platforms and build cross-platform mobile apps using Flutter. They also help partners scale their own development teams. Their client base includes Volkswagen, the BBC, and Pfizer.  

Big Nerd Ranch 

Atlanta-based Big Nerd Ranch transforms business ideas into digital platforms, including enterprise mobile apps. Their designers, developers, and strategists work with their clients to craft compelling mobile apps. They also provide team members to serve in an augmentation role for their partners. The agency boasts a strong portfolio including tech industry luminaries like Facebook, Etsy, and Amazon. 


Zoolatech is headquartered in Palo Alto, California, with a development office located in Kyiv. The agency focuses on all types of high-end software development solutions with enterprise mobile app development as a specialty. At least half of their project work is for larger enterprises. Their portfolio includes companies like Nordstrom, Tailored Brands, and Stanford Magazine. 


Located in the beautiful country of Wales, Rantmedia enjoys a status as one of the top enterprise mobile app development agencies in Europe. The company’s work focuses on designing and building effective business apps for both iOS and Android. They also developed a few mobile games. Their client portfolio includes BBC London, Jaguar Land Rover, and the Government of Wales. 


In Zagreb, Croatia resides the headquarters of Agency04, a software development agency crafting interactive websites and mobile apps. They leverage Agile and automated processes for a highly efficient app development process. The company boasts a client list including AMPLEXOR International, ADDIKO BANK Croatia, and the Midwest Dairy Foods Research Center.


SEP is a software development firm with their headquarters located in Carmel, Indiana. This agency specializes in “high cost of failure” projects, like improving passenger airplane safety or medical device efficacy. Their work includes mobile apps, interactive websites, and even embedded systems. The company’s client portfolio includes FORUM Credit Union, and other companies in the aerospace, agriculture, and various other industry sectors. 

Moove It

Austin, Texas includes the headquarters for Moove It, a software development agency building high impact mobile apps and interactive web applications. The company also boasts offices in San Francisco, Colombia, and Uruguay. Nearly half of the agency’s projects are for the medical industry. Their client base includes Sierra Wireless, Catapult Health, and Unilever. 

Vog App Developers 

A Canadian mobile app development agency located in Calgary, Vog App Developers crafts apps for iOS and Android in addition to desktop platforms. The company specializes in building software for the FinTech, Energy, Cryptocurrency, and other business sectors. Their client portfolio includes DC Bank, VIP Golf, and Johnston’s Grain. 

Given this robust list of talented and experienced mobile app development shops, taking a discerning approach ensures your company picks the right partner. Ultimately, try to find an agency with experience in the industry sectors you hope to target.

From this list, be sure to consider the team at NineTwoThree. We boast a significant history of transforming great business ideas into new digital ventures, with a specific focus on enterprise mobile app development. Schedule some time with us to discuss the possibilities of a fruitful partnership.

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