The Problem With Tech Hiring Is Employers

The Problem With Tech Hiring Is Employers
Finding good tech employees is easy if you offer them something worth getting excited about.

The problem with tech hiring today isn’t job-seekers.

It's employers.

It feels like all-too-often these days that people are complaining about the lack of good job candidates in tech right now 🤔

The Reality Of Tech Hiring Right Now

As someone who has expanded their team with sixteen new people this year, let me tell you the problem isn’t finding good people - it’s convincing them that you’re worth working for 👈

The anti work movement is a good example of what I’m talking about. People are tired of being undervalued by employers, and that includes remote workers.

The time of offering “Casual Fridays” as the only employee benefit is long over. If you want top talent to seek you out and stay with your company, you need to:

- Make sure they feel challenged and are never bored

- Trust them to work autonomously

- Offer them real benefits that make them excited to grow with you

Do the above and finding talent is easy 🤷

TL:DR give employees challenges and benefits whether they're remote or in-office and suddenly hiring becomes easy

NineTwoThree Staff
NineTwoThree Staff
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