The 10 Best IoT Platforms to Watch in 2023

The 10 Best IoT Platforms to Watch in 2023

A high-level overview of the leading IoT platforms for companies considering IoT software development in 2023.

No longer only the realm of the smart home, the Internet of Things continues to transform a variety of business sectors, including manufacturing, retail, agriculture, healthcare, and the supply chain. IoT platforms now provide a computing framework for more complex enterprise applications compared to the relatively straightforward functionality of home automation. Some might be hosted with a cloud services provider, using the PaaS model, while others might be installed in an on-premises fashion.

As the still nascent enterprise IoT market continues to expand, a few platforms stand out from the rest of the pack. The best ones provide the framework for businesses to build their own bespoke IoT applications to optimize a variety of digital business operations. Let’s take a high-level overview of some of the leading platforms worth watching in the coming year. 

Microsoft Azure IoT 

Microsoft’s Azure IoT provides companies with a stable cloud-based platform for crafting business IoT applications. It especially makes sense for businesses already with a significant investment in Azure and Microsoft’s software development tools. Azure IoT provides a seamless connection between the cloud and IoT devices residing at the network edge, offering companies an opportunity to improve process efficiency and derive actionable information from platform data.  

PTC ThingWorx

ThingWorx, developed by PTC, offers an IoT platform focused on the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) sector. It helps manufacturers and similar businesses manage remote asset monitoring, including maintenance and service. Ultimately, the platform helps companies achieve significant operational efficiencies helping to reduce expenses while improving their profit margins. Flexible deployment options include the cloud, on-premises, or a hybrid approach. 

AWS IoT Core 

Amazon’s AWS remains one of the top cloud service options in the business world. Thus, it comes as no surprise their AWS IoT Core also enjoys a status as a leading IoT platform. Massive scalability highlights IoT Core, with the inherent ability to connect billions of IoT devices while routing trillions of messages. It remains an option worthy of exploration for companies already using AWS. 

AVEVA PI System 

Companies needing a platform-agnostic IoT platform focused on collecting and analyzing real-time data need to explore AVEVA’s PI System. The platform helps companies truly leverage their data investment, providing off-the-shelf data visualizations and analytics to empower data-driven decision making. PI System enjoys a broad client base, spanning the pharmacy, transportation, oil and gas, and the mining sectors. 

Telit deviceWISE IoT Platform 

Telit deviceWISE provides clients with an industrial strength IoT platform with a wide range of capabilities. The platform features three different solutions: deviceWISE Edge, deviceWISE Cloud, and deviceWISE View, providing device connectivity, cloud functionality, and SCADA support respectively. With over 20 years of IoT experience, Telit boasts the expertise to help you craft a successful solution. 

LTI Mosaic 

The LTI Mosaic IoT platform places its focus squarely on data, with its advanced data engineering features, combining state of the art analytics with IoT connectivity. The company also provides an AIOps feature helping companies in the IT operations space improve efficiency and reduce costs. Technology providers wanting to leverage the IoT need to check out LTI’s Mosaic offerings. 

Ayla IoT Platform 

The Ayla IoT Platform offers OEMs and retailers an option for quickly building an effective smart home system to provide their customers. While most of the platforms on this list focus on business and industrial use cases, Ayla keeps their eye on traditional home automation functionality. The platform features a managed cloud-based service, devices, and ready to use software allowing retailers to add their own branding. 

Oracle Fusion Cloud 

Oracle’s Fusion Cloud IoT platform offers manufacturing companies with a suitable option for improving the efficiency of their supply chain operations. Like other similar platforms, it uses IoT sensor data for the predictive maintenance of machinery, vehicles, and other assets. Fusion Cloud also offers the real-time monitoring of supply chain vehicles, helping to quickly detect and react to bottlenecks. 

Google IoT Core 

With Microsoft and Amazon offering IoT platforms, it makes sense that Google follows suit. Google’s Cloud IoT Core provides companies with edge messaging services, device management, and analytics powered by the company’s renown AI and machine learning algorithms. Notably, Google works with a variety of partners in the IoT space for solution implementation, preferring to stay in the background while providing the wide range of cloud services used to power these IoT systems. 

Particle IoT PaaS 

Particle brands its IoT platform as a platform-as-a-service (PaaS), illustrating the company’s focus on being a cloud-based IoT services provider. The full-stack Particle platform includes fully-customizable software, connectivity, and hardware. It’s a solution that fits across multiple business sectors, including manufacturing, smart energy, HVAC, electric vehicle fleets, and more. Particle remains a great option for companies looking for an effective IoT solution right out of the box. 

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