Revolutionizing Golf Training with AI-Powered Technology: SWEE’s Success with NineTwoThree

Revolutionizing Golf Training with AI-Powered Technology: SWEE’s Success with NineTwoThree
NineTwoThree revolutionized golf training for SWEE by integrating AI-powered swing analysis directly on mobile devices using Apple’s Core ML. This solution eliminated latency, reduced costs and provided real-time, actionable feedback, transforming the user experience.

In the world of golf, precision and timing are everything. Imagine playing golf and having to wait 90 seconds before you could find out if you actually hit the ball well. This lag time can be detrimental to both the experience and improvement of golfers. That's where innovative solutions come into play, and at NineTwoThree we pride ourselves on delivering just that. Our recent project with SWEE, an AI-powered golf coach, exemplifies how cutting-edge technology can transform the game of golf.

Understanding the Challenge

SWEE approached us with a clear vision: to revolutionize the game of golf through their advanced training system and companion iOS app. Their goals were ambitious but clear – integrate swing tracking directly into the mobile device, enabling real-time analysis and feedback. However, the main obstacle they faced was latency. Even the most sophisticated AI models would be of little use if golfers had to wait for results due to data being sent to and processed by an external server.

Latency is a critical issue in any real-time application, and for golf, it can make or break the user experience. Imagine a golfer, eager to perfect their swing, having to wait unnecessarily for feedback. The delay would not only be frustrating but could also hinder their training process.

Leveraging Apple’s Cutting-Edge Technology

To overcome this challenge, we took advantage of the latest advancements from Apple. Instead of relying on external machine learning (ML) pipelines and APIs, we focused on running the model locally on the device. This approach has two significant advantages:

  1. Cost Efficiency: Training a custom model from scratch can be prohibitively expensive. By building off one of Apple’s core models, SWEE was able to save millions of dollars and still achieve top-notch results. Apple’s models provided a robust foundation, allowing us to tailor the solution to SWEE’s specific needs without the heavy lifting of developing an AI model from the ground up.
  2. Reduced Latency: By processing everything on the device, we eliminated the need for an internet connection or the delays associated with sending data to an external server. This means the AI system can automatically detect the swing, trim the video and analyze it against 50 metrics, all in real-time.

The Technical Solution

Our solution involved integrating Apple's Core ML framework into SWEE’s iOS app. Core ML allows the app to run machine learning models directly on the device, leveraging the powerful hardware of modern iPhones and iPads. Here’s a breakdown of how it works:

  • Swing Detection: The AI system detects the swing using the device’s camera. This involves sophisticated computer vision techniques to identify the start and end of a swing in real-time.
  • Video Trimming: Once a swing is detected, the system automatically trims the video to focus on the relevant portion.
  • Metrics Analysis: The trimmed video is then analyzed against 50 different metrics. These metrics include aspects such as swing speed, angle and form, providing comprehensive feedback to the user.

The entire process, from swing detection to metrics analysis, happens in a matter of seconds, thanks to the local processing power. This real-time feedback is invaluable for golfers looking to improve their game.

Transforming the Golf Experience

The impact of this technological innovation is profound. Golfers no longer have to deal with the frustration of delayed feedback. Instead, they receive instant, actionable insights into their performance. This not only enhances their training experience but also accelerates their learning curve.

Moreover, golf courses and training facilities have embraced SWEE’s system enthusiastically. The ability to offer real-time swing analysis sets them apart from traditional training methods, attracting more golfers who are eager to leverage advanced technology to improve their skills.

Driving AI Innovation

At NineTwoThree, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with technology. Our collaboration with SWEE is a testament to how innovative solutions can solve real-world problems and create exceptional user experiences. By leveraging Apple’s cutting-edge technology, we were able to overcome the challenges of latency and cost, delivering a transformative solution that is changing the game of golf.

If you’re interested in learning more about how our technology solutions can benefit your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Whether it’s AI, machine learning, or any other advanced technology, we’re here to help you succeed.

Ventsi Todorov
Ventsi Todorov
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