Recruiting For Loyalty: Keeping Your SaaS Team From Quiet Quitting

Recruiting For Loyalty: Keeping Your SaaS Team From Quiet Quitting
Quiet quitting will worsen as companies don't understand employee loyalty. These are the steps that help us hire dedicated people and reward them for it.

More and more people are quiet quitting SaaS.

They lose their drive, feel undervalued, and then eventually just...leave.

There's only one person to blame for this.

Employee loyalty and integrity stem from one place: the company's founder.

Leaders Are Responsible For Quiet Quitting

Leadership sets the tone for how employees respond.

The problem is that many founders believe that they pay people, that should be enough right?

But money only encourages retention in a minor way.

If people are unhappy enough, no amount of money will stop them from quitting.

What money alone doesn't do is encourage staff loyalty.

Remember, loyalty and retention are two separate things.

Someone can stay under your employ until a better opportunity comes along, or they can pass on that opportunity because they want to keep working with you.

Increased staff loyalty leads to a boost in retention and productivity.

It leads to people being actively interested in staying with your company for a long time.

Rewarding people for that loyalty is key.

The Importance Of The Venture Studio Team

For us as a venture studio, our team is the backbone of all our success.

If we weren't able to carry our experts from one project to another we never would have scaled to where we are today.

We're able to ensure that our global team is happy by offering them several things above and beyond their regular salary.

I fully believe these are things that set us apart from a lot of other remote employers:

1. We know loyalty is a two-way street.

Our team is loyal to us because we look after them in their times of need.

Whether it's an unexpected conflict or other world circumstances, they know we won't leave them in the lurch.

2. We focus on work-life balance, and mean it.

Our team is filled with incredible people - they're parents, pet owners, travelers, and creatives that value their personal time and we do too.

Happier workers are more productive workers.  

3. You don't need to be at a desk from 9-5.

Some people work asynchronously at different hours and it's ok because we trust them to get it done when it counts.

4. We work on multiple different projects at a time.

This means that our team is constantly stimulated by working with the latest technologies and new ways to apply their knowledge.

5. Our core culture is one of warm collaboration

We put a lot of stake into the hiring and onboarding process and lead by example.

People join NineTwoThree Studio and they are taken aback at how detailed our processes are and how nice our team is in helping them get started as a whole.

6. We knowledge-share and improve together.

We employ dedicated people that work hard - but we're in a space that is constantly evolving and so we encourage knowledge sharing, pay for training and help them become the best versions of themselves.

7. We recognize the little things.

Our HR team has a budgetary allocation that is made just for gifts.

We celebrate new births, birthdays, work anniversaries, and more. These gifts might be something small like a bunch of flowers or a baby shower gift, but it reminds the receiver how valued they are as a part of our team.

So we don't have people that are quiet quitting.

We have a team that is motivated and dedicated to turning our studio into the best place it can be for ourselves and our clients.

TL: DR quiet quitting will get worse because companies don't understand how employee loyalty is earned. These are the steps we take that help us hire dedicated people with integrity and reward them for it.

Andrew Amann
Andrew Amann
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