Mistakes Companies Make When Outsourcing Enterprise Mobile Development

Mistakes Companies Make When Outsourcing Enterprise Mobile Development
There are a few mistakes we commonly see when it comes to outsourcing enterprise mobile app development - here they are in one article.

There are a few mistakes we commonly see when it comes to outsourcing enterprise mobile app development.

I'm calling them all out in this thread 👇

Over time, many well-designed apps have allowed businesses to accomplish new heights.

And these apps aren't always built internally either 🤷‍♂️

Many enterprises choose to outsource app development rather than designating development to their internal teams.

Some of the most common reasons why include:

- Lacking the expertise to build and deliver apps that compete in today's market.

-Making poor decisions using inaccurate and incomplete data

-Using outdated systems that no longer work for the business

And the list goes on...

For an enterprise company, there is no time or money to waste 💸

They run a tight ship that has multiple decision-makers involved before anything happens.

This means that if they are deciding to outsource the development of an app, there are several things they need to keep in mind 💭

Things like what is the capacity of the development agency they are considering - what kind of talent they have available, how they approach development, and the cost to start with.

With that being said, there are also distinct advantages 📈

If your enterprise company doesn't specialize in development, then working with an existing agency will save you all the time spent on building the team and infrastructure needed to deliver it yourself.

Or, maybe your company isn't sure it can commit to the long-term management or updating of an app internally.

On the other hand, it's not as easy as walking up to the first agency you see and jumping right in 🤔

One of the mistakes we commonly see when speaking to founders about developing their apps is reaching out before undertaking their own research phase 🚫

Proper research is crucial for delivering a successful product.

If you base your decision on a great initial call with a potential partner, you are remiss in doing your due diligence.

At the very least your discovery phase should cover:

- Pricing

- Teams

- Strategy

- Technical expertise

Looking at an agency's portfolio is a good way to garner an idea of what they can offer you 📲

The research mistake also extends into planning.

All too often we are approached by founders that have yet to undergo the process of finding a product-market fit or getting to know their industry first 🏋️

The product discovery process is a thorough one, and you should have the foundation of your idea laid out along with some initial market research before you schedule a call.

Lastly, it's important for enterprises not to underestimate the power of a good prototype 🤖

When it comes to prototyping, you should never wait until your product is perfected.

The worst possible scenario is discovering that your entire user base can’t navigate through your product after all of the code has already been written 🤦‍♂️

Instead, it's better to iterate and iterate often based on feedback from actual users.

TL:DR  Knowing what you’re looking to build as an enterprise will improve communication between you and your chosen development agency - so don't make these beginner mistakes,

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