What Founders Can Learn From Super Entrepreneur Codie Sanchez

What Founders Can Learn From Super Entrepreneur Codie Sanchez

Gain key insights from leading female entrepreneur Codie Sanchez's business journey and learn how she managed to serve the underserved and gain success from it.

Over 900,000 TikTok followers.

More than 100,000 email subscribers.

A venture fund that raised $2.2M in two days.

A top female investor.

How Did She Do It?

All brought about because of unconventional thinking and one seriously talented all-rounder knocking it out  of the park: @Codie_Sanchez

Codie Sanchez is the founder of Contrarian Thinking, one of the most popular email series on the internet, and co-founder of Unconventional Acquisitions focused on small business acquisitions.

Those that know Codie understand that she is a force to be reckoned with, having been awarded for multiple different career paths in her life (so far).

But that’s not why I want to talk about her.

I want to talk about my favorite principle she shares: how to invest and grow wealth without being born with a silver spoon in your mouth.

You see, before becoming an entrepreneur, Codie originally worked on Wall Street.

Until she burnt out.

From Burnout To Business-Building

Once she knew she was done working for someone else, she used the knowledge she had gained to buy her first business: a financial asset management firm in Latin America.

To me, this early step reflects two very key things for us mere mortals:

Working for someone else first makes you a better entrepreneur

Using the knowledge gained, you can find an underserved market and profit

This first step led to many others, with the founding of Sellingsouth, a platform that allowed investors to share expertise in cross-border negotiations and expansion outside of the U.S into Latin America.

Soon, Codie became the authority on Latin American investing, taking seats on multiple different management boards and writing for big publications about the potential of her business ideas.

Niching Down To Find Success

Codie did what we preach. Choose your market, then become the expert in it.

Once you’ve mastered your industry by working for someone else and then yourself, you know what business solutions will work best for it and which are better left behind.

This is especially lucrative in those “boring” industries that Codie specializes in.

Why Go Boring?

Well, these industries might not be the flashiest, but that usually means they are ripe for disruption and the introduction of new solutions.

In fact, it’s the basis of a lot of her newsletters - buying small service businesses with an emphasis on positive cash flow as well as understanding the power of investment trends.

And people love this newsletter because it gives them quick access to great ideas that are reachable and actionable. It’s straightforward, down-to-earth advice.

This to me is the final lesson and takeaway here (for now): having the privilege of being a successful investor and entrepreneur comes with a responsibility to teach others your path.

And that’s exactly what Codie does so well and why I admire her writings.

I highly recommend you check out her newsletter, it’s full of interesting info about all things business.

TL: DR Work in an industry until you’re an expert like Codie and then find an underserved community to serve until you become a thought leader in your field and then share that knowledge to uplift others.

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