How to Evaluate Machine Learning Developers

How to Evaluate Machine Learning Developers
If your organization is in the market for software developers experienced in machine learning, it helps to understand the strategies for evaluating them.

The modern business world increasingly relies on AI and machine learning developers for a myriad of reasons. Accurate business forecasting and predicting customer desires are only two of the multiple use-cases for this technology innovation. However, because of the growth of AI in business, the demand for talented machine learning developers remains higher than ever.

If your organization is in the market for software developers experienced in machine learning, it helps to understand the best strategies for evaluating them. After all, making a hiring mistake or the wrong choice in a machine learning agency just might put your company back at square one. So here are some insights to help your decision-making process.

Strategies for Hiring Great Machine Learning Developers 

Trying to find a talented software engineer with machine learning experience remains difficult in the current job market. Still, it’s important to find one with practicable experience crafting, testing, and implementing ML models. While an experienced programmer with a certification in AI might work in a pinch, no substitute for real-world experience exists. LinkedIn and other online job sites are a great source for talent. Be sure to use the right keywords when searching for candidates. 

When vetting the résumé of a machine learning candidate, pay close attention to their work history section. Look for significant project successes using machine learning as well as strong database skills. The latter are especially important when ensuring the efficacy of the data used to feed ML models.

Still, engaging in a staffing process to source and hire machine learning developers remains a costly and resource intensive effort. For many companies, partnering with an agency known for machine learning custom development is a wise choice. Let’s take a closer look at this option.

Partnering With an Agency Employing Talented Machine Learning Developers

If your company has a great idea but no software engineering team, partnering with a machine learning agency makes perfect sense. The criteria for evaluating an agency remain similar to an individual developer, just on a larger scale. Instead of perusing résumés of software engineers, you compare the portfolios of experienced development agencies.

Once again, look for practicable experience in machine learning projects, along with demonstrable success in bringing projects to a successful conclusion. Your partner needs to employee talented professionals with experience in AI/ML, data science, and modern software development methodologies. Don’t settle for anything less!

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