Finding Solutions As A Non-Technical Founder

Finding Solutions As A Non-Technical Founder
How can a non-technical founder come up with a SaaS solution that meets a real market need? Insights from our CEO Andrew Amann about non-technical founding

Creating a brilliant concept for a million-dollar app development involves more than being a tech expert or possessing considerable wealth. You merely have to identify the right challenge to address; this is the crucial step in your journey.

Discovering a problem to solve can often be the most daunting aspect of the whole process.

How Non-Technical Founders Find Solutions With A Product Market Fit

1. They interact with people.

They conduct market research for app development before initiating any other action, irrespective of the location; be it networking events, conventions, or even grocery stores.

Discussions also mean sharing their ideas intending to garner candid feedback about their proposed venture.

2. They focus on sectors that are not sufficiently served.

While it's tempting to get drawn into tech developments and want to conceive something spectacular like an NFT or alternative high-tech prospects, there is a high probability that you will find more lucrative opportunities in building apps for traditional industries like finance, healthcare, supply chains and other operation-heavy sectors.

3. They examine what's already obtainable.

Not every app idea needs to be entirely unique. It only has to serve a specific purpose.

If that purpose enhances something already offered in the market, it still constitutes a valuable idea.

Always remember innovation doesn't have to imply invention.

When It's Time For Development

This would mean progressing through the following stages:

-Raising funds or bootstrapping app development

-The process of app development team hiring

- Planning and wireframing in app design

- Design aspect

- Coding

- Testing

- Launching

None of these phases will be as easy as you would expect.

Hiring constitutes one of the most critical factors for any organization and hiring the wrong team can obliterate your app idea.

Therefore, finding the right squad forms another integral part of this process.

You need experienced developers, project managers, UX designers...

Or you must decide on outsourcing app development to a pre-existing tech agency.

Afterward, you proceed to plan and carry out wireframing.

How To Plan For A Successful SaaS Project

All success hinges on planning.

Wireframes function as a middle ground between low-fidelity sketches and the first interactive prototypes.

When you're planning your app, you can adopt the steps given below:

-Mapping of your user's journey

-Planning the user flow

-Building the back end

-Creating design patterns

-Formulating the in-app copy

-Maintaining the flow between screens

-Testing your design decisions

-Planning to scale

To craft a million-dollar app, you'll need to implement top-tier design.

Familiarity is one of the most essential properties of good UX design- users prefer to feel as if they're already familiar with the functionality when they open your app.

Both Android and iOS have native design patterns that ease the task of creating a familiar user experience for designers.

Make sure to employ a UX/UI designer who knows how to bring these prevalent principles to life in a vibrant and refreshing way.

Developing A World-Class App

Then comes the development phase.

It’s vital to understand that no one wants to buy an idea. You'll have to get on the ground and develop a minimal viable product (MVP) that users can engage with.

Here, a robust development team is required the most.

When it comes to development costs, always remember that the monetary investment equates to the quality of the app.

You might opt to provide a higher salary to attract a more qualified developer, or you can keep it low cost and end up with an unsatisfactory result.

Remember that your potential users will demand quality, so choose wisely.

Having gathered the right team and ensured they've adhered to all the necessary steps to build the app, you might think you can relax, right?


Your app won't achieve any recognition if you don't invest time in app sales and marketing strategies.

In fact, the leading apps globally invest a significant portion of their total earnings into these realms of the business.

App marketing will mean optimizing it for the app store, creating ads for social media, building an app presence online, and much more, essentially requiring you to hire for this role, too.

Then you continually work on it until it attains profitability or is acquired by a larger corporation.

This will wholly depend on the objectives of the founder.

Once the app is live, never stop promoting it.

Iterate, maintain user engagement in the development process, and don't cease efforts until you succeed.

Building a million-dollar app is very feasible even if you are not a technical founder. All you need is the right guidance throughout your journey.

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