Andrew Amann on the Recruit Rockstars Podcast

Andrew Amann on the Recruit Rockstars Podcast
NineTwoThree’s CEO Andrew Amann discusses his journey from nuclear engineer to Inc 5000 CEO on the Recruit Rockstars podcast

How did NineTwoThree get started? How does the digital venture firm recruit and engage a large team of top mobile app developers?

NineTwoThree’s CEO and Co-Founder Andrew Amann recently guested on the Recruit Rockstars podcast to talk about his journey from nuclear submarine engineer to Inc 5000 CEO. Andrew outlines his fascinating journey of intrapreneurship and how he and Pavel Kirillov built a team of engineers for both agency clients and internally funded ventures.

The Recruit Rockstars Podcast is hosted by Jeff Hyman, four-time CEO and 25-year executive recruiter for PE & VC companies. The podcast features experts on recruiting the best talent to organizations.

Jeff and Andrew discuss what it means to “outsource innovation”, how to evaluate new engineers to find top talent, and presenting project management and growth opportunities to team members.

Check out the full Recruit Rockstars podcast episode for these great insights.

“We’re looking for project managers and leaders that understand an industry,” Andrew says. “Because we have a variety of projects and startups, it provides individuals an opportunity to grow horizontally or move around to different challenges. This has helped us keep our top talent engaged.”

Andrew Amann
Andrew Amann
Building a NineTwoThree Studio
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