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case study

Integrating With Dorel Baby Monitors & Selling Thousands at Target

Integrating With Dorel Baby Monitors & Selling Thousands at Target
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When it came to developing their pioneering initial baby monitor application, Dorel Industries recognized the importance of finding a collaborator who shared their passion for technical pushing boundaries. That's why they turned to NineTwoThree Studio

Dorel Industries is a global corporation that operates in diverse sectors, with a primary focus on the design, manufacturing, and distribution of juvenile products, home furnishings, and recreational and leisure goods. Their division dedicated to juvenile products is committed to offering an extensive array of youth-centered items such as child seats, baby carriages, elevated chairs, playpens, and other accessories for infants and toddlers. 

When it came to developing their pioneering initial baby monitor application, Dorel Industries recognized the importance of finding a collaborator who shared their passion for technical pushing boundaries. 

That's why they turned to NineTwoThree Studio. Through this joint undertaking, Dorel Industries aimed to deliver an unmatched experience that would revolutionize the way parents monitor their babies – achieving multiple accolades including the Family Choice Award along with the National Parenting Seal of Approval. 

Results at a Glance

PC Mag Editor’s Choice Baby Monitor

Family Choice Award Winner

10,000 units sold in 4 months


4.3/5  Star reviews

The Baby Monitor Market Landscape At The Time 

In the pre-WiFi baby monitor market, conventional baby monitors were the primary method of keeping tabs on infants and young children. These monitors typically consisted of two units: a baby unit placed near the baby's crib or sleeping area and a parent unit carried by the caregiver. The units communicated using radio frequencies, transmitting audio signals from the baby's room to the caretaker’s unit. While these traditional baby monitors served their purpose to some extent, they had limitations that failed to meet the evolving needs and expectations of modern parents.

One significant drawback was the restricted range of these monitors, typically spanning a few hundred feet. This range limitation meant that parents could only monitor their baby's activities and well-being within a limited distance from the baby’s unit. Moving to different areas of the house or going outside often resulted in signal loss and disrupted monitoring. 

Another limitation was the absence of convenient remote monitoring options. Traditional baby monitors required the caregiver to carry the caretaker’s unit, which often lacked portability. This constraint made it inconvenient for parents to move around the house or engage in other activities while simultaneously monitoring their baby. 

The Decision To Launch Dorel’s 1st WiFi Baby Monitor 

Dorel Industries recognized that modern parents were seeking a baby monitor that not only provided audio monitoring but also offered visual confirmation of their child's well-being. High-definition video quality became a crucial factor as parents desired a clear and detailed view of their children. 

Understanding these evolving needs and expectations, Dorel Industries made the strategic choice to launch its first WiFi-enabled Baby Monitor. The company aimed to create a product that seamlessly integrated with technological advancements and the increasing prevalence of smartphones and smart devices. 

By leveraging WiFi connectivity, Dorel Industries envisioned a baby monitor that would empower parents to access real-time video feeds and audio from their child's room using their smartphones or tablets. This wireless and remote accessibility represented a significant departure from the limitations of traditional baby monitors and would be the first product like it in the market. 

NineTwoThree Studio was entrusted with developing a companion app that would complement the WiFi Baby Monitor hardware and provide a user-friendly interface for parents. 

Designing an Industry-First Companion Application 

The companion app was designed with ease of navigation in mind, enabling parents to effortlessly access and control the WiFi Baby Monitor's features. Through the app, parents could view the live video stream in high-definition 720p quality, ensuring a clear and detailed view of their child. They could also adjust camera angles, zoom in and out, and access additional features such as motion or sound detection alerts, as well as measuring the baby’s heart rate to see when they would wake up. 

The development of the companion app was a vital component of the Safety 1st WiFi Baby Monitor system, enhancing the accessibility and convenience of the monitoring experience. The app served as a central hub for parents, providing them with a reliable and intuitive platform to monitor their child's activities from anywhere and at any time. 

Developing For Dorel: Making Innovation Intuitive 

At the project's inception, NineTwoThree Studio worked closely with Dorel's baby product group, Safety 1st, to introduce innovative concepts, conduct market research, and analyze trends in the maternal technology landscape. 

This extensive research enabled the team to identify the key pain points of new mothers and design a product that would address those concerns. The initial concept focused on integrating a groundbreaking listening device alongside the standard camera, offering standalone functionality without the need for a mobile phone. 

Utilizing a deep understanding of the market and feedback from over 1000 moms, NineTwoThree Studio meticulously developed the Safety 1st WiFi Baby Monitor and its companion app. A central focus of this development was the accurate measurement of a baby's heart rate through integrated hardware and software. The design process incorporated seamless synergy between the monitor and its companion app, ensuring a simple yet effective way to capture and display the baby's heart rate. 

During the design phase, the team prioritized user interfaces that would be intuitive to use, primarily informed by real-world feedback from mothers. This approach allowed NineTwoThree Studio to create a product that adeptly caters to the needs of today's parents. 

The result was an outstanding baby monitor that offered excellent video and audio quality alongside the sought-after heart rate monitoring feature, all packaged in an easy-to-use, reliable, and user-friendly format. This novel solution reflected the insights derived from the invaluable experiences shared by mothers, solidifying the product's value and relevance in modern parenting. 

The Results

Following its launch in 2016, the Safety 1st WiFi Baby Monitor gained significant traction in the market and achieved remarkable success. The product's availability in renowned retail stores, including Target, played a vital role in its widespread adoption. This prominent placement allowed parents to easily access and purchase the WiFi Baby Monitor, establishing its position as a trusted and recognized brand in the market. 

Positive reviews from reputable publications further bolstered the Safety 1st WiFi Baby Monitor's reputation. Recognized media outlets such as Business Insider and PCMAG lauded its advanced features, intuitive interface, and the convenience it brought to parents' lives. These endorsements solidified the product's credibility and generated significant buzz within parenting communities. 

The Safety First WiFi Baby Monitor received awards such as the Family Choice Award and Cribsie, as well as the National Parenting Seal of Approval, reflecting its impact on improving the lives of parents and caregivers. Its innovative features, including high-definition video quality, remote accessibility, and a user-friendly mobile app, set a new benchmark in baby monitoring.

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Integrating With Dorel Baby Monitors & Selling Thousands at Target
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Integrating With Dorel Baby Monitors & Selling Thousands at Target
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