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case study

ChartMogul: Scaling Users by Creating an Android App

ChartMogul: Scaling Users by Creating an Android App
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NineTwoThree Studio and ChartMogul, a leading SaaS subscription analytics platform, developed and launched an Android app that expanded its user base.

ChartMogul, a leading subscription analytics platform for SaaS startup founders and C-Suite executives, needed to develop an Android app to augment its existing suite of subscription analytics capabilities and extend its reach to a broader user base. 

With expertise in software development and a commitment to delivering exceptional user experiences, NineTwoThree Studio helped ChartMogul achieve its goal of supporting Android users on its platform. 

At A Glance

5,000+ New Users From Launch 

2 Months of App Development

Android App Development as a Strategic Business Initiative

Developing for Android is a strategic move that offers numerous benefits for businesses.

One of the primary advantages is the platform's massive market share and extensive user base. Android dominates the global smartphone market, accounting for approximately 85% of all smartphone shipments worldwide in 2022. This market dominance provides businesses with a remarkable opportunity to reach a wide audience and significantly expand their customer base.

The device ecosystem is another compelling reason for Android app development. There are over 24,000 distinct Android devices available on the market, manufactured by various companies, such as Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, and others. This wide range of devices, spanning different price points, allows businesses to cater to a broad range of users with diverse preferences and budgets. 

Additionally, Android's flexibility and customization options provide businesses with ample opportunities to create unique experiences. The platform offers extensive APIs, frameworks, and tools that empower developers to create feature-rich and tailored applications. With over 2.8 million apps available on the Google Play Store, businesses can leverage this vibrant ecosystem to deliver personalized experiences to Android users, fostering higher levels of engagement and user satisfaction.

Developing The ChartMogul Android App

ChartMogul recognized the importance of extending its robust iOS subscription analytics platform to Android users, enabling them to access real-time metrics for an elevated user experience. 

ChartMogul had an existing iOS app that was well-received, but it did not have the experience in-house to develop for the Android ecosystem. Rather than hire for these roles, ChartMogul approached NineTwoThree in order to accelerate the process and get to market faster.

Together, we focused on addressing system-specific design differences, development requirements, and the implementation of an improved login system. The goal was to deliver a complete solution that would have all the features of the iOS app while feeling native to the Android environment. 

Designing for Android

NineTwoThree Studio's designers leveraged their deep understanding of Android app design principles to create a user interface originally inspired by the popular iPhone weather app. This approach allowed Android users to seamlessly switch between accounts and ensured consistency with the existing ChartMogul interface. We prioritized delivering a user-friendly and intuitive interface tailored to Android users, ensuring that the app would resonate with the target audience, and did so on time and under budget.

Revamping the ChartMogul Login Process

In addition to designing an Android app, ChartMogul needed to revamp the login mechanism to enhance user convenience and data security. Recognizing the complexity of manually inputting API keys, NineTwoThree Studio devised a new solution—a QR code scanner login system. 

This approach simplified the login process, eliminating the need for users to locate and manually enter complex keys while maintaining stringent data protection measures. The implementation of this streamlined login system was a pivotal step toward enhancing the user experience and ensuring hassle-free access to the ChartMogul Android app.

The Results Of Powerful Collaboration

The goal for ChartMogul was to receive a finished product that they could take in-house once completed – one that would be delivered on time and within the budget set for the project.

The collaboration between NineTwoThree Studio and ChartMogul resulted in several notable outcomes that had a positive impact on both the users and the businesses involved:

Launching Into a New Market: The ChartMogul Android app brought a whole new set of users who now had a user-friendly interface that enhances engagement and satisfaction, making it easier for them to access and utilize the subscription analytics platform. 

Improved User Experience: NineTwoThree Studio's team implemented a QR code scanner login system, streamlining the way users accessed their accounts. By replacing the need for manual input of complex API keys, this streamlined login process significantly improved user convenience while ensuring the maintenance of data security.

Real-Time Analytics: Android users gain access to real-time subscription analytics through the ChartMogul Android app. This meant that users could stay informed about their key metrics and track the health of their subscription-based businesses on the go. The availability of real-time data empowered users to make data-driven decisions and respond promptly to changing market dynamics.

The Advantages of Working with NineTwoThree

Working with NineTwoThree meant that ChartMogul didn’t need to hire their own Android developer or freelancer. Instead, they had the support of a full agency that taught them how to support the app in-house with a solid foundation for continuing its use into the future. Instead of taking 90 days to onboard a new developer, NineTwoThree finished creating the app in two months!

The outcomes resulting from this collaboration had a far-reaching impact: the successful development of the ChartMogul Android app expanded ChartMogul's user base, providing a broader audience of Android users with access to the powerful subscription analytics platform. The app launch led to over 5,000 downloads right after launch. NineTwoThree was able to deliver the application in a timely manner and stay within the budget set for the project.

If your business needs a partner for an upcoming mobile project, reach out to the NineTwoThree team. By launching over 60 apps and 14 of our own startups, we have both the technical chops and business acumen to successfully launch your next project.  Connect with our founders to see how we can transform your business to create new revenue streams, streamline processes, and optimize your profit.

With expertise in software development and a commitment to delivering exceptional user experiences, NineTwoThree Studio helped ChartMogul achieve its goal of supporting Android users on its platform. 

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