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Migrate your people or launch your community to a self-branded social space that is safe and secure. Communication channels are organized like Slack yet free flowing like Facebook - taking the best design from all platforms. Finally, a platform that can feel like home for both the community manager and the audience.

• Own your community
• Your data on your server
• Own Your Brand
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In a limited unique opportunity, NineTwoThree will commence ONLY 20 communities agreeing to pay $10,000 for their fully branded community app built Android, iPhone and Web via a Progressive Web Application.
As a community manager are you ready to take control of your audience from end to end? Are you ready to really support their needs for privacy, engagement, and freedom? 
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Owning Your Community

Are you a community manager that does not want other companies to dictate the algorithm of who sees what and when? Are you bouncing around the coolest platform of the month?

Here's what sucks about Facebook Groups

Let's say your community is built of busy, efficient individuals discussing their SaaS business growth, buying and selling companies, or maybe it's a mastermind that riffs off on next big ideas.
How would members know about new activity in the group? Facebook's notifications! Except 9/10 messages are not about your group, but about a memory from your trip "8 years ago, today" and some post from a high-school buddy you last spoke with in 2014. They click, and 35 minutes later, they're still watching random videos. Facebook's job is to get users addicted to pushing ads their way every 2 minutes. High priority conversations and discussions should be focused and therefore off Facebook.


Your audience is your most important asset

You spent countless hours building a community of like-minded members by creating engaging content, organizing, networking, greeting, meeting and introducing them one to another.
Aren't you having nightmares that a glitch in the algorithm or an intern at Facebook will de-platform what you've created in one click of a button?
Take control of your asset by getting a dedicated app for your community. App that runs on any computer & mobile device and can be hosted on any cloud or data center farm in the world. Keep conversations private from Facebook and their partners, and own the data.


Slack Off & Stay Engaged

The best part about Slack is the organization of topics and threads. It replaced email, it can replace Facebook Groups. Each conversation is located exactly where it should be and permissions can allow topics to be completely private - as they should be.

Members of your community are more likely to re-engage when getting a notification from a highly focused app with your logo on it instead of filtering through random notifications on Facebook where notifications are easily lost in the shuffle.

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Designed by Community Managers and Community Builders

NineTwoThree Digital Partnered with Rhodium for 6 weeks to design and build the community app that brings together the needs of a manager with the requirements of a member. With 10 years of building communities NineTwoThree has amassed over 1,000,000 downloads of their community apps.
why community app

Doesn't This Exist?

Mighty Networks was built for scale, Circle was built for teaching and Facbook is selling your data. Shouldn't there be a solution built for the security and privacy of the members in mind? We thought so? Oh, and along the way - we beat out the competitors with features too: check it out. 👇👇
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