Meet Zoriana Hruden at NineTwoThree

We're excited to introduce our incredible team member, Zoriana Hruden! She's Junior Project Manager at NineTwoThree. 🙌

Zoriana joined us almost a year ago with no work experience, but her enthusiasm, passion for project management, and continuous development have made her one of our bright stars. Zoryana is responsible for the successful completion of the project, and the achievement of the final objective, communicates with the team, and clients, and does everything to make it clear to everyone what to do, when, and most importantly, what the result should be done. In short, magic!

🌟Here are some funny things about Zoriana:

♠️ If she could be a movie character, it would be Molly Bloom from the "Molly's game".
🇮🇹 Favorite place: Venice, Italy.
📱 If she had to delete all but 3 apps from a smartphone, she would keep Telegram, Youtube Music, and Monobank.

"I love NineTwoThree for a great team, and interesting projects!"

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